Sign me up for the DH reroll

One nice thing about monk, your new DH can use all the sweet gears you found.

The game is just far to melee unfriendly, im stacked to the brim with all heavy defense passives and armor and yet i still have to run from all the elite packs because i get killed in 3 seconds, this is simply on HELL mode act 2-4 and not even started inferno yet

Say all you want about inferno suppose to be hard, but the other 3 ranged classes can still progress in it and get loot because they can kill things off screen, where as a melee only choice is to get 1 shoted, why put myself through this when i can simply make a quit reroll

Melee NEED to be able to tank inferno, i dont care if i have to farm hell alot first for it to happen, my monk needs to be able to use Mantra of convictions and almost no defense passives and still have a chance with gear, its just not possible as it is ATM, you stack all defense and still die in melee its simple as that

Monk on hold untill a rework is done
if you cant faceroll Hell on your monk you are doing it wrong. Reroll DH and complain on their forums
This post is about inferno not hell, learn to read, i actually just beat hell today
Armor + resists + vit are necessary. focus only two and you'll have trouble.!UYd!ZYYYYb is what I'm using atm, lots of other builds that work. Unfortunately until you get geared an offensive build isn't possible on hell; I don't know if it ever will be on inferno.

Don't forget to slot an Amy in your helm.

Anyway I also have a DH alt :D so I certainly won't fault you. Ignore the trolls.

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