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Hey guys, hit 60 two days ago, been having fun farming with friends in Hell and Inferno. I want to share my build, see what you guys think. First of all, this is multiplayer focused, with a group consisting of Barb, DH, and WD.

Second, I want to explain why I am going more offensive. It is my opinion that going pure defense is bad, because it generally scales horribly. Dodge, armor, and resists seem to hit a wall or diminishing returns or something. It seems that past a certain point, there really is no difference and you are just wasting stats. So IMO this is a great balance between offense and defense, with group play in mind:


So first you have deadly reach. This is real nice, the extra range can kind of let you "kite" things, I often try to sit out of range and shift+lmb and hit things slightly out of melee range. The extra damage lasts a long time. I tired using more defensive abilities like the +dodge and +armor from other spirit generators, but I found that even +50% armor was only giving around 6% mitigation, versus 18% damage.

For lashing tail kick, I really get sick of knocking stuff back. I feel that holding down RMB when I am full of spirit will send out enough kicks real fast to always stun something, which is nice. Wave of light is decent, sometimes I used the less spirit one, and then just spammed it for the knockback. I like the stun better though, and it costs about the same as the runed wave of light.

Breath of heaven is obvious for the heal, and IMO the damage is the only one really worth it. It is practically permanent and should always be up.

Serenity is obvious, but I picked the group version because I always play with 3 other people. You can break them out of CC, make them immune to large spikes of damage, buffer incoming cc/damage like frozen mobs.

Blinding flash is something I am toying with, not 100% sure on this one. The CC on it is nice, you can make them stop doing damage for 3 seconds in an AOE. The rune I picked because, like I said, I think the damage scales better than all the other runes. My favorite is to wait for max stacks, then pop flash and spam lashing tail kick for major damage.

Mantra of conviction. This is basically a 24% party damage buff. Sometimes when my Barb goes balls to the wall, I will activate this even when it is up just so he does extra damage for those 3 seconds ( 48% ). I don't feel like the other manstras scale as well. The healing is horrible on MoH, but the shield is pretty decent, I use that for solo. I just feel that adding 24% damage to your party in a 4 player game is too good to pass up.

Resolve is great with deadly reach, you should be hitting everyone you possibly can and reduce their damage.

One with everything could be one of the best passives in the game. Stack one resist, get them all.

Transcendance is something I was not sold on until lately. You have a spam ability of lashing tail kick, and you should never be at 150 spirit, it is a waste. Always hit lashing tail kick for extra damage and heals, and keep your spirit up.

As for gear, I basically just search for dex/resist gear, tying to add in vit and magic find where I can. Dex adds to offense and defense. You need to pick a single resist and spam it. Doesn't matter what it is. I use a 1 hand a shield, because the shield adds so much defense without sacrificing TOO much dps. DW/2h builds just don't work in Inferno yet, my guess is when people start getting godly gear, this will change.

I would highly suggest getting a first weapon and a spirit stone, either both with spirit regen one one with regen, one with life/spirit spent. Even havig 1 spirit regen a sec is Godsend, you will notice a BIG difference when you are constantly regenerating, instead of being stuck with 0 spirit to heal or activate a mantra. Literally, just one spirit regen item is good enough to make a HUGE impact. The spirit spent is only good if you get one with a HIGH amount, I have seen them at 60 go from 2 life to 30 life.
I just don't see how you can survive with this build :-/ got 60 and been running act 1 inferno. If I do anything but pure defense I get taken down way too fast to be effective. Also... spirit regen?

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