Archery Passive and 2xCrossbows.

Demon Hunter
So I'm in the details box studying my crit chance and I noticed something rather disappointing. . . Wielding a single 1-handed crossbow yields a 10% extra critical hit chance, but wielding 2 1-handed crossbow doesn't yield an extra 20%. Was this intended?
Yes, otherwise everyone would be stacking crit damage and the DH would be the go to character for DPS.
I'd rather use 2h crossbow, put emerald in it, stack + crit damage and atk speed.

2h crossbow + quiver > 2 1h handbow.

Handbow damage end game is much lower than 2h weapon. While with 2h wep you can still use quiver. Bow is probably best due to the gained game all the time but crossbow is close to it.

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