AH Bug - Buyout Timeout Error

Bug Report
Used the Buyout option to purchase an item on the AH and received a timeout error. It shows that I paid 250k for the item, but the item was never sent to my stash.
I have had the same problem.
Yup, has been happening literally 20-30% of every transaction i've done now. Out a stupid amount of gold.....

Working as intended for gold sink???
This happened to me too...I'm out 150k gold, and have waited quite a while with no refund complete yet.

This has happened in the past, but the money I paid was usually sent to my stash within 1 minute or so.

Anyone know of a way to fix this problem?
I tried re-logging, switching characters, etc. - doesn't seem to do anything. Also, I don't see it on my transaction log, but I'm out 250k.

RMAH is supposed to go live in a week? I don't see that happening if a major bug like this is still lurking on the GAH.
From what I've read in a thread I started, it seems that it's possible for the gold to be tied up somewhere server-side for up to 72 hours. From what I understand though, it DOES get returned to us at some point.

They need to lock up their Auction House until this is fixed.
The item I purchased earlier finally showed up! It took about a minute for it to go to my stash.

So basically it took about 2 hours for it to show up from the time I actually purchased it.

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