Items not showing up on AH

Bug Report
I put an item up for sale on the AH and searched for it and can not find the item. I had my friend search for my item (told him names and stats). He can not find the item as well. The item is bugged. No wonder my items don't sell.

Edit: HC AH
I'm having this same issue, and so is a friend of mine. It's annoying knowing that there's no hope of someone seeing it so it can be bought, and yet it's taking up one of the 10 AH slots.
same problem here!
Same problem here also.
Can we get any info on this?
Same issue as well. In fact, I can barely find anything on there as "searching" doesn't function right for most items I have searched for on it.
Tons of threads on this but blizz says nothing...
same problem here

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