Worth dropping 53 barb and going Ranged DPS ?

I keep reading how everyone is getting @!*@d in A2 inferno. And myself, I'm having a hard time with Act 1 Hell solo. It's doable, just isn't enjoyable.

I'm not the greatest skilled player in the world, in mostly 50ish rares. Theres been a couple of times i've actually quit the grind to play League of Legends, because i'm not having fun with diablo.

I love action rpgs, but so far, not really digging the barbarian.

I'm the idiot who spends real money on items, so i'll totally beef him up once RMAH comes out.

But in the mean time, you guys thing its worth it, to ditch my progress and roll a ranged ?
Weeks into D2's release nobody was doing Hell mode. A few years later not everyone could do Uber Tristram either, which is in D3's terms "Inferno" mode.

They should make it harder for the DH/Wiz not easier for Barb.
Yes it's worth it.

that way when you get to 60, you won't just break down after you realize how much time you've wasted.

Trust me that was how I felt with monk. And from what I heard barb was infinitely worse lol

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