What does cold blooded affect?

Does it affect frost hydras? Ice version of meteor? I know it increases dmge on blizzard/frost nova/ and ray of frost.
Anything that is chilled or frozen takes 20% additional damage. Meaning. Cast frost nova then cast any spell on it while it is frozen and it will take 20% more damage.

Cast Blizzard and cast any spell on the mob while it's chilled/snared from blizzard = it takes 20% more damage.

It can be any spell, even fire spells.
Blizzard stack with itself? First hit for 100 and chilled second hit for 120 and chill restack?
Quoted from game guide:
"Cold damage dealt to chilled and frozen targets is increased by 20%" Maybe don't use a fire spell...

Furthermore, Ice blizzard and Ray of Frost chill enemies while they are in use, so I would imagine that the instant an enemy becomes chilled or frozen the 20% boost would apply. Which would be instantly I would assume. The hydra would have to land a hit to chill the target then land another, the second hit would have the 20% buff. As I understand the text.

I think it would be safe to say that any cold spell that causes chill or freeze would have a 20% damage buff applied to it.

It has been said that spells do not stack on top of each other. I doubt very much that over the course of Ice blizzard doing damage that it would buff itself over and over again. Although I could be wrong.
Not over and over again. Just the first tick for base damage and every additional tick for the +20%. Or is Blizzard's damage determined on cast and it never benefits from the bonus. Which would then have implication for frost beam if you're silly enough to use that spell.
I understand now. I appreciate the information everyone.

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