Mouse targeting is a serious problem

Bug Report
First, the proof that this is a bug.
Screenshot at 27s:
The video:

D3 has at least 2 types of mouse targeting problems:
1. When enemies/objects are grouped, the game decides not to target the enemy/object closest to the cursor's tip.
2. When your character is moving, monster hitboxes grow to be about 7% of the horizontal screen resolution (assuming widescreen).

Here's an example of #2: The zombie is targeted 180 pixels away. This is a severe problem, since it stops your ability to move to open spots on the ground. Stopping that ability means you're vulnerable, and you can't strategically move to a better angle. Maybe some people have poor mouse dexterity; for the rest of us, this needs to be a toggle-able option.

For more reading:
This continues to annoy greatly. 1.02 and 1.02a ignore this significant problem. When the screen has lots of enemies, clicking the ground results in attacking instead of moving.

PLEASE MAKE AN OPTION TO SET REASONABLY SIZED HITBOXES. 180 pixels away is absurd, and it makes finesse impossible.

This is still unaddressed in the latest patch.
i have no cursor/click problems, and the monster hit range while you are moving has already been commented on previously. It is an intentional design to keep players from skipping monsters without taking damage.
Yes, the monster hit range has been commented on before, and it continues to suck.

You say it's "to keep players from skipping monsters without taking damage". I don't understand. If I click the ground, I want to move there; I shouldn't have to click the far edge of my screen to ensure that my character moves. This has nothing to do with "skipping monsters without taking damage".
Yeah, this issue is still around. And I die numerous times every time I play just because I can't run and strafe mobs because I end up clicking something that I don't want to click. It isn't just with MOBS either, I've got stuck on piles of debris and random objects on the ground before too. Maybe make it a Christmas gift since this is November of 2012.
I've noticed a 2nd mouse click that frequently happens right after the first click, causing moving instead of attacking,picking up items, etc. Also if you're holding down your left click button to move, and you tap the 'move' button (if you have it keybound) with your mouse cursor over a mob (with mouse button still held down but not clicking on the mob), this 2nd click will make you attack that mob instead of moving.

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