Mystic Ally??!? Anyone else use him ?

I am just now lvl 40 and I love my Air Ally, in act 3 of hard. I know the game changes as you progress but he is a nice little dot atm.
just me i guess :D
I started yesterday. I think I like the skill, but I was wondering if there's a general consensus on which tune is better? At the moment Incan use water, fire and air. Anyone care to enlighten mee on which one is the most efficient?
I've tried him. I would suggest that he is more useful as a minor tank than he is an increase to DPS.
The real question is what are you prepared to give up for it? (Me, nothing).
I used the air one for awhile but decided 2% is just too ridiculously low to be more useful than... well anything else in the Monk arsenal.
The earth minion is incredibly useful in hell IMO. You get 10% bonus hp when he's out, and he has a taunt. Since there is no cooldown on summoning him, you can keep him up all the time, refreshing him when you want a taunt to give you a few seconds to recover.

In some difficult champ packs, just keeping one of them occupied with your mystic is totally worth the spell slot. The damage he soaks is potentially massive, greater than any heal or shield available.
Earth was useful with infinite spirit quickening build but honestly A3 Hell+ all of the mystics seem useless. I don't have a slot I can afford to lose.
I'm currently about to finish act 3 hell and i'm having no problem keeping the mystic out post-quickening nerf. Got some spirit regen on my weapons and a few runes that help with regen, rely on dodge for survivability, and it works just fine.
If anything the mystics only shine in hell, if they die/are to weak then its your gear that is poor, but d3's hell is no where near d2's hell they toned it done for you.

Im obv 60 and better geared, but i was fooling around with the water ally and his tide skill crit for 64k not too shabby, he can use his tide skill every few seconds maybe 6-10 buuut if you resummon him he will pretty much do it right away
I use the Mystic Ally in my build. The 10% Earth Ally is VERY great at tanking and doles out a small portion of damage as well. He makes healthing up for the swap from Nightmare to Hell so much less painful.

At least that's my ten cents.
I use the Air and Earth Ally all the time, The only time I stopped using the Air Ally is in Act IV of Hell, Act IV is a very hit and run Act and your ally will be a jackass and pull groups sometimes, other than that I think he is great, he has a little bit of DPS which helps plus he keeps enemies busy and the 2% is small but it has saved my !@# more than once.
he instantly dies in inferno act2+ just like the monk!
I use Earth on Inferno, both for the +10% health and as an OT. Since spirit is at a premium post-hotfix, I can't afford to have sweeping winds any more.

I may swap her out for Blinding Flash, but I haven't needed to so far.
I love my Earth Ally in Inferno. I use an extremely tanky build (40K hp, 8K damage, 72% damage reduction, 30% resists (needs work)) and I will use the Ally as a tank in most encounters while I will OT for him. With my tankish build the Earth Ally lasts far longer than I would and he costs next to nothing to recast.

The build!YXU!Zccbaa

Requires a bit of kitting for elite packs and took a while to really get a smooth rhythm to the playstyle, but I'm moving through Inferno with relative ease now.
Earth ally is good and rarely dies. It does pretty good damage, gives an HP boost, costs nothing past the initial cast and TANKS FOR YOU.

One thing is for sure... the ally inherits your own stats somewhat, because whenever I switch to my MF gear for a boss kill he dies instantly. lol
Earth ally is viable in Inferno. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Use him to tank hallways, pull some aggro of mobs away from you, place him in doorways, etc.
He's cool, but annoying in Inferno. Sometimes you don't want to pull the adds just yet, but he runs up there and does it anyways.

WTB Passive/Aggressive modes.
Great opinions and thought guys!

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