Spirit Barrage Rune Bug??

Bug Report
When i use the skill Spirit Barrage with the rune Phantasm and try to blow barrels up it wont work, and it says it does weapon damage so i thought i would bring that up. I am unsure if this is a bug or if its supposed to be like this. Thank you for this amazing game have a great day!

Edit- tested out a little more i tryed to kill the drums that the goatmen in Act 1 drum on it wont do damage to these aswell.

Edit2- I think it might just be Objects in General anything that you can break with another spell you cannot with Phantasm.

I just found this too. In my current build I have no other skill which allows me to break objects, very very annoying that I have to change my build so I can search for loot.
Having another issue, when im trying to cast on an enemy sometimes it wont cast right beneath him it will cast a few feet in a different direction and wont even hit the enemy. Happens more often when im done fighting alot of foes then cast it on like 1 or 2 foes. Yes i am clicking right on the enemy.

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