What's a good life amount to shoot for?

So far I've been doing a mostly +Vitality build getting about 71k life in Act 3 Hell.

Along with that some 7k damage and 5k armor. Resists are kinda low, so I was thinking of sacrificing some life for those.

But in the end what's a good life to shoot for (along with good resists and armor), am I close or do I need 100k+ to be viable in Inferno?
It depends really, if your damage is gimp the elite packs in inferno do have an enrage timer if you do not kill them fast enough, and you will die to that.

I have gone as low as 23k dps but with a full ranged build. I figured doing what dome wizs and dhs were doing in inferno and that is seeing that your gonna kept 2 shotted anyway why not just go very dps heavy. It works for the most part on most elites, but it fails on bosses minus Maghda, which is very easy with ranged barb. My crits were over 100k easy with throw weapon, the problem with this build is that it just doesn't scale well as other ranged classes and you tend to run out of fury often if your not careful.

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