Soul Rippers too hard to dodge?

Demon Hunter
I'm having problem on Act III with Soul Rippers, I dodge as hard as I can an quick shoot them but they still manage to hit me so fast I can't do anything but die.

I see the problem, I just have bad luck, a mix of soul ripper illusionist spawned and icy quillbacks, also 1 yellow icy quillback.
After trying to vault, evasive fire, just plain keep running and finding out none of these wok all the time, I just started cycling cloak of shadows/ shadow power with the 65% damage reduction glyph. This was in hell too where I could take a good 5-6 hits with shadow power up, so if you're in inferno I guess you're just totally screwed.
I'm on nightmare -.- , I can kill them but I die time or two. They should really either remove illusionist skill for soul rippers or make their attack slower and easier to dodge.
Has to be removed completely or heavily nerfed. They're basically unkillable as any combination on inferno.

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