[Bug Report] Skipping Acts on Inferno Mode

Bug Report
Bug Report - Skipping Acts on Inferno Mode
Cause - Playing previous acts on Nightmare Mode or Hell Mode
Effects - Acts currently played on Nightmare or Hell Mode unlocks on Inferno Mode

I know this sounds totally outrageous, I've somehow managed to found a problem when I was backtracking through different acts in different modes and the game resumes you on that act on inferno mode but if you managed to complete say act 3 part 1 on inferno mode without completing act 2 or act 1 it will be unlocked permanently.

Here's some screenshots to verify what I am claiming, I will submit a support ticket as well since I did find what I believe to be an exploit, I don't encourage people to do the same thing.

This screenshot I've managed to play Act IV on inferno mode without playing Act 2 or Act 3 let alone even completing Act 1.


This is what happens when you managed to successfully complete a quest from an act which I did on Act 2 Part 1 it becomes permanently unlocked for you to play while you can skip the rest of the acts.


I do not encourage people to do this which I did regrettably that was a mistake i did that i found out. Blizzard I hope you can find a solution to this problem asap.
I came across a somewhat similar bug.

My level 3 Barbarian skipped several quests and was told to go to the Fields for the next quest. All the mobs in that area were level 8. It's impossible to have gotten to that part of Act 1 at level 3. He still only had a few pieces of gray gear at that time. Was quite odd. Not sure how to duplicate it.
Just to add to the claims I'm making I've decided to try out public games and look what happened when I've skipped the rest of the quests relating to Act 1, the rest are greyed out meaning it's unavialable to me while I can resume on Act 2 without completing Act 1.


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