Buying and Selling Bug.

Bug Report
Not sure if right now this is a bug to everyone. Seems to be a lot of this Section about simler problems.

ANYWAY my problem happened with both the buying and selling options in the Auction House.

#1 bought a chest piece for about 200k, haven't gotten it yet(been a couple hours), it also dosn't show up on my log, speaking of which, nothing iv bought in the last couple days has shown up in my log. But this is the only item i haven't gotten.

#2 Recently sold some really good boots for 600k(510K profit) and even though my log shows that it sold, as well as 3 other items. I never received any money.

So over the last couple hours iv lost about 800K+. Now this may just be a bug you're already working on. So can I get an update if this is a problem they're working on? im scared to buy/sell anything more right now.
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