Urgent, Extremely worried, Achievements gone!

Technical Support
Alright well last night i was playing My Barbarian who is currently level 25.
I killed Belial at the end of act two and then left the current game back to the menu to join a friend.

I then got an error which i believe was 307002 (Or something similar) Which was due to blizzard doing some maintenance.

I couldn't log in and didn't know how long it would be like that so I went to bed, This morning now logging in I am now sitting on 180 achievement points instead of the 500-550 acheivement points i had before leaving my game last night.

I'm EXTREMELY worried right now because I do not want to have to go back all the way to act 1 just to get the achievements again!!!

ANY information on this would be extremely appreciated.

Cheers - Scoods

EDIT:Title to have more relevance to my problem
Bumping this.
I need an answer!
the next time I played, I was receiving acheivmens I already received the first time I played
That just happened to me just then as I went back and vs'd Belial from Act 2.

I am extremely worried, Please some more information would be extremely helpful!!!
Bump again
This is happening to me as well. Not only am I losing achievements. I am losing progress as well. I had 3 things in my Made to Order, now I am back to 0. Pretty frustrating.

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