/who = crash

Bug Report
Typing /who crashes me and I'm forced to end it's process through task manager.

Doesn't matter if you specify a user's name, it'll still crash.
I am having the same problem with the game. If I am in general and type /who it crashes the game to desktop
Also seeing this bug consistently as well.

In general channel a /who crashes the game for me.
Going to bump this, as it's a pretty bad bug.
I can confirm this is true for me as well, any time I /who in general, the client CTD

Win7 64 bit
I also experienced the /who bug. I was able to /who last night, when there were ~30 people in General. Logged into general today, and noticed it said there were 99 people. That's when I tried /who, and it crashed me.
Ditto. Mac client. Did /who stormwind, game crashed. Repeatable. I was in New Tristram at the time.
We're aware of this. Thanks guys.

No need to bump posts.

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