Moderate lag, is it me or the game?

Technical Support
I have a crummy excuse for graphics (Intel HD Integrated), but have surprisingly well performance when it comes to some "heavy" games (such as certain rpgs). Yes, I have to turn Diablo 3 down to almost all lowest settings, but it really doesn't look any different to me (or it could just be that I've been waiting about a decade for this and don't care). I just notice that when I go "into" some place, such as a basement or an "underground" level like the Cathedral (oh sweet nostalgia) that it's quite perfect in terms of performing smoothly. I know there's been a zillion and one problems going on (we all knew THAT would happen), I just want to figure out what mine is. (If it's my graphics, whatever. I plan on getting a new machine soon anyway ;) )

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