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So big surprise I'm having problems and can't enter the game, or even reach the starting screen. Apparently there may have been some sort of update between last night and now, and my client needs to update tools, but it just freezes at 0% and doesn't even budge. I restarted it, restarted the computer, double and triple checked that absolutely everything is going through the firewalls.

I successfully installed and played for quite a while yesterday, so I have no idea what could have gone wrong now. Help?
Having the same problem, I can open the launcher and thats it. just sits there even if i click play it just waits and waits doin nothing!!. played fine for hours last night, last thing i did was log off before the server went down for reasons i cant remember around 3AM gmt.
Bump, turned off all firewalls and programs just to try it again, ran as admin and still not budging beyond 0%. Could some blue post please help or somebody link to a post with a fix? I can't tell what issues are the same or not.
Anyone at all? I've been staring at "Updating Tools 0%" all day.

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