Auction house vs artisans in HC

Just a quick question, guys: i'm playing a hc monk (14 lvl atm), slowly making my way through Act1. I spent a lot of money, actually most of it, leveling up the blacksmith, but then i noticed that in the auction house there are a lot of nice pieces of gear for reasonable prices.
So i'd have geared up much better going straight for the AH, at least until now.
But... in the long run? is it worth to keep leveling the artisans, or not?
Well considering most the best weapons and legendarys late game which you will definitely need which include sockets are from blacksmithing patterns that will drop in later difficulties, i'd say it's the best investment.

Especially at this time of launch as only a few people have items to put on there so it's easy to ignore it and just spam them levels! Plus towards later acts you'll have more money than sense so..

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