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Blizzard why am i still getting removed from games? and is anyone else still having this problem? i know its not my connection because i have green latency when ever im removed from the game. sometimes when i play in a public game i can get in and play for like an hour but than i get removed? is this a bug on your end or is it me i did all the trouble shooting and still nothing works im On a MACBOOK PRO using Airport and im in hawaii but some of my friends here have this problem and some of my friends do have this problem what are you doing to fix this ?
yes its still happening to everyone.. blizzard hasnt even given us any info acknowledging the problem.. and yes, its on their end.. we're all just waiting for em to fix it..
I also have same problem like u,Im use guest key,but ppl say I just can play from start to kill the skeleton king only,but now after I on9 5minute I have removed from server...wat happen????

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