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The game connection has been lost : Your client has been disconnected from the server.

This error started yesterday around 12 h 30 A.M. While I was doing the act 2 quest 6-7 (Kulle)

And now everytime I try to play (any quest) Im getting disconnected

I don't know what to do.
My connection work corectly... Like usual.

Please Help me ... THX !!!
welcome to the club =/
Same problem. Im in act 4 NM prime evil. was working fine for 5 hourse this morning. But last 2 -3 hourse have just been dropping every 10 min.....

Some one pls ??
i have been having the same problem
same here =/
Been scanning the forums for solutions the last houre. But all i can see is alot of people having the same problem... and its now answer to it...
Same here, nonstop DC. Just started today.
Yep, welcome to the club. This kept happening to me yesterday in Act 2 and I had to do the same checkpoint around 10 times and ended up gaining 4-5 levels just on the same checkpoint till I was able to do it successfully. Was getting pretty frustrated.
Try this...solved it for many people. It seems to be a router issue for many people. Lots of issues with DLINK DIR-601 and DIR-615 routers

Go into application rules and open ports TCP - 80, 1119, 6881-6999 and UDP 1119, 6881-6999. Go into Firewall settings and disable SPI and set both UDP and TCP NAT filtering to endpoint independent. That solved our frequent disconnect problems.
Same here. Act 2 The black soulstone.
Got disconnected and had to re-clear a zone... :(
The same problem. 2 act black soulstone. Got disconnected
Update of the situation :
After reading it on another post
I've been using Whirlwind with my barb that seem to be incresing the disconnect, now that Ive changed that second skill, I have been playing till 20 minutes, 1 time in like 12 hour... On the way to understand that issue ! The server seem to be unable to stand that skill, don't know
All day long.
This is happening to me as well. Trying to work through Hell difficulty while getting disconnected is pretty frustrating. Killing rare or champion packs just to have them respawn after disconnecting is very disheartening. I am also using a Barbarian with Whirlwind.

EDIT: I realized something... all of my disconnects happened shortly after getting a quest reward. Perhaps there is something wrong with them server side?
Blizzard Fail NetOps. Heads need to roll and new people need to be hired to get the job done right the first time.
05/17/2012 09:21 AMPosted by Pain
welcome to the club =/

Funny, you are all just now having these issues. I haven't been able to log in since the first mission booted me two days ago.
im in the same boat :(

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