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Sums it up. this is bs
I swear go god so sick of this #3007 coming up last night l tried to game, 32 this error come up l leveled in the same spot 3 levels I mean wtf Blizzard typical performance stuff here we go again. Why would anyone want to play this game at all with these issues. This error has been going on since it was released and l might at l only have certain times within to game in why the hell would this encourage anyone wanting to play. The principle being 'hello' time is money is okay once Blizzard hook you in have your cash then no one gives a damn.
So joining the General chat worked for me to stay connected. Now, how can I mute the General spam (barrens chat + gold sellers) channel and still stay connected to it?
I keep getting kick out every 5 mins. (Error 3007) Come on Blizzard you had 12 years to polish this game. Not cool.
3007!!!! Nothing helps any more. probably happened more than a 100 times while I finished off the first round with one character. Had to race through all the maps for the next checkpoint, didn't get to enjoy so much of it, but hey, they have me money already. I used to be able to avoid it by joining public games but even that doesn't help anymore. Sigh... The crap I put up with. Back to Modern Warfare for this guy.
Just wanted to say I have finished the game having this issue. Was very frustrating sometimes. I think I did the catapult quest about 15 times until i was able to finish it without getting 3007 error.

Some more info of the problem:
- I didn't have this problem during the beta.
- I have had this problem since I started playing, always.
- I have optical fiber 50/5 connection, I have activated and checked my router log and I don't have any connection prbolems, no events registered in the router log while 3007 errors are happening.
- I buyed the game in a local store, no pre-order just went there and buyed/installed it.
- I connect to my router via wifi.
- I haven't detected any concrete pattern, sometimes i can play 15 or 20 minutes without 3007's and after that i get 3 errors in 5 minutes... seem to be no rules...

I hope Blizzard is able to give us a solution to this, diablo3 is a great game but playing with thouse 3007 problems is very frustrating...
Actually i'm starting to getting this issue yesterday...
BTW i'm using a DSL connection with Asus N12u modem. My computet should be fine as it just been upgrade... And how frustrated was I upgrade my RIG FOR THIS GAME.. HOW SUCKS IS THAT...
But i found another way to connect.. without getting error..
i switch my Galaxy Tab to portable hotspot.. and i connect through it.. But everytime i log it will ask me a security question.
After connect all working flawelessly.. and i had almost minimal lag.. no more issue..
My friend also tried the same thing and it works well for him too..
So i just connected through broadband that is 3Gb/month..
Just make sure to turn off every torrent u have and downloads..
I'm also having the same issue error3007 this happened after updating the game last patch. I'm also from the philippines using pldt mydsl. no issue with asia and europe server. all my characters are in the americas server have issues error 3007 need help....

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