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I agree........ Why tell us its on our end when its obvious that it wasnt happening before yesterday's reset???? it was totally fine the day before, with no dc or error 3007. It's only happening after that reset you guys made.
Yup, after the reset things went to !@#$.
Thx for reply with 3007 bashiok.

Its possible to reply for the Error 3006 now ?

Many people in EU & US serv have the same problem.
please check error 3007,my fun gauge is going up and down @_@
First 2 nights I played for 6hrs straight, Tried to play yesterday and had this issue.. It's not on my end. This can't be problems on OUR end with the volume of people having the issue.

FWIW I had this issue start after the second shut down
Lvl 43 Barb. In nightmare, once I'm in the storm halls, I d/c within 2-3 minutes of playing. Have been having random d/c issues since yesterday evening after the "fix". Normally I can go at least 10 min or so without a d/c, but once I hit this area, constant d/c's bad enough where I'm fed up with playing.....
Riddle me this.
Currently playing at my mates house, same router, same internet. I get error 3007 and he doesn't, thought id throw my spanner in the works...
maybe fix the error 3006 from EU servers?
Big help! Thanks, been messing with that for about 4 hours! Finnally i get to play!

if you're getting error 3007, check your network setup. if you have a d-link router, try bypassing it and connect your modem straight to your computer. that's helped a lot of people according to multiple forum posts.

You do realize that this is unrealistic right? Anyone who has a router likely does so that multiple people can use the connection. They can't if I hog the router.

This needs to get fixed fast. Blizz is saying it *may* be patched sometime in the undetermined future?

I understand the functionality of a router...but you do realize this is a troubleshooting step to determine where the problem lies, right? not a permanent solution?

05/17/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Josh
Alright so here is my experience with this error. I have a D-link DIR-615 wireless router and my computer is directly wired into the router. On release day I played for 5+ hours straight with no problems, no lag, no disconnects. After the first server maintenance I attempted to log on the next after noon and could not play for my than about 3 minutes without getting removed from the game and in some cases it would happen within 20 seconds. I restarted the modem, restarted the router, forwarded the ports, updated the firmware for the router, checked for updates to my computer. Nothing helped the issue. I finally bypassed the router and wired the computer directly to the modem. This did cause the problem to stop, however, I do not see this as a fix. I have a router for a reason and do not want to take my whole network down just to play Diablo. This issue did not exist before the first server maintenance so while yes, the problem may be my router, the problem started after something on Blizzards end was changed. Just for the record, this problem does not manifest on any other online game I own, blizzard or otherwise. So telling us it is a problem on our side is technically true....but not really. I look forward to a patch in the very near future.

This is my point exactly. People who have these routers are getting this issue due to some kind of setting with the router interfering with the connection. Meaning the issue lies on the users end, not server side.

Here's a link : - try the steps this dude lists and see if it helps.

I understand completely that error 3007 isn't just happening to d-link routers, but it's not a terrible thing to offer a solution to those who DO have d-link routers.
During the beta I was getting randomly disconnected after I bought a new wireless router and to fix it I disabled the UPnP settings in the router and it has worked fine ever since. Sorry if someone has already mentioned this I just read the first few post and it sounded like the same problem I was having in the beta.

P.S. my router is a belkin N450 DB and the setting to disable UPnP is at the bottem under system settings
error 3007 ,, this is ridiculous,,, no clear answer yet on how to fix this ,,,
im getting error 3006 i cant even log on to the sever. anyone having the same problem?
I don't see anywhere in 'gameplay' info that I have to be logged into "General Chat" in order to play. One of the players (not an administrator) in General Chat suggested this might be the problem as to why me, and many others, were getting 'kicked off' play. Really sucked .. lost a bunch of stuff and had to start over. You know as well as I that we should be able to play without 'chat' on (the option to turn it off is available). There's enough screen room being eaten up by charts/info without having to have the constant discourse of meaningless (for the most part) 'chat' taking place. Love the game .. think your 'fix' is a cop out. I spoke with a fellow Diablo lover that it was disappointing that the only way the game can be played is through Battlenet instead of the 'private play' on one's own computer. We are all at the mercy of your servers .. now there is a 'warning' that anyone of us at any given time may not be able to play the game that we spent our hard earned money on because your 'servers' are overloaded .. real bummer folks!
huh I think the general chat thing worked for me
Solved a 3007 problem by: enabled DMZ , mapped ports 80, 1119, 8881-8999 and always joining general chat channel. It seem the key is in UDP ports & dead packets.
For anyone else using a TP Link W8960N router...

I was disconnecting every 10-15 mins. Port forwards, disabling the windows firewall and joining general chat did not help.

I have only able to play without disconnects after setting my PC as the DMZ in the router configuration. Not an ideal solution but it's better than not playing.

I have heard of others using port triggering instead of port forwarding to solve the problem but I haven't confirmed this yet.

Edit: Port triggering has fixed this problem for me.
Ok so I was fine yesterday afternoon around 2PM EST. Then it got really bad around 9PM EST, then I was able to play for 3 hours straight without a disconnect starting at 11PM EST.

Today I get home from work and I cant play for more then a few minutes with disconnect.

It obviously isnt my router because I play fine sometimes other times its impossible to play.

Ill try the general chat method but I seriously doubt thats going to solve anything.
Seems to work for me.. Sorry I didn't see this thread before I posted in other spots... I'll go spread the word for anyone to try it.

Thx :c)
Yep didnt work, in fact I dot a new error message instead of the 3007 one. This time I got "game client has disconnected from the server."

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