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Just a thought I had while replaying the game on nightmare. On the quest in Act II where you try to save the townsfolk from Belial, Leah and Adria have a fairly heated argument over saving the people. I think this (the conflict between Leah and her evil and arrogant mother) is a conflict that isn't seen a whole lot throughout the game and that definitely isn't fully developed. I could easily see it as a conflict for the expansion, though.

Also, I just want to point out, that with all the cheesiness that Blizzard stuffed into this game, do you guys really think that they would really just not have some sort of cheesy speech about Leah's death at the end of the game? I think the fact that it is left out is an indicator that her story isn't entirely over yet.
Until further official information, LEAH IS DEAD....THats it
05/23/2012 10:34 AMPosted by Brunobyof
Until further official information, LEAH IS DEAD....THats it

So is Diablo, but we all know that that's not going to work for very long.
05/23/2012 10:34 AMPosted by Brunobyof
Until further official information, LEAH IS DEAD....THats it

Does Chris Metzen saying in the collectors edition DVD that her soul is still out there, that she deserves to be redeemed and saved from the abyss, and that they'll probably chase that down in the expansion count?

We know we'll see her in the expansion, but we don't know what context. For it to satisfy me personally, it would have to be something interesting enough to warrant exploring in great detail. Otherwise, they should have made it a part of Act 4. For example, if you just jump into the Abyss, say goodbye, and let her move on and meet Deckard Cain again, they should have just done that in the ending to the game. The only thing that could really excuse what they did is if they have planned, all along, some large epic plot where she retains her role as a main character.

It would need to be something worth waiting for.
And if Tyrael is the archangel of justice, he cannot let that stand. If anything happens to her, there will be no justice. This would be the kind of thing he'd have to break open the black soulstone just to save her. Something along the lines of it being better for 100 murders to go free than 1 innocent to be locked up.
As I recall, he's no longer the Archangel of Justice. He took up the seat of Wisdom at the end of the game.
Now don't forget that Shen is actually a god in disguise, so if someone knows then it will be him.
Now where did you get that idea? You can't just believe everything some superstitious apprentice says. Even if the descriptions sound similar...
Diablo 2 had an ending it answered all the questions and then presented a new story with the Baal cliff hanger. D2 was a stand alone story at the end the only question we had was Baal. How many questions are left unanswered at the end of D3?
What happened to Leah's soul is about the only major question left at the end. A lot of other characters were introduced, and their stories could be followed in future expansions, but the main plot centered around Diablo and we got a clear answer as to how that ended.
Just finished the ending with a couple friends....

I was quiet disappointed....

I was hoping there could be anyway to save Leah at the end... /cry

But as the Black Soulstone fell down the heaven, there were no traces of Leah to be found... = /

Will there be anyway to purify and save Leah in the later expansions...?

Please~~ Blizzard!! I beg you!!

Let us save Leah like how we saved Kerrigan in SC2.

Kerrigan = antagonist, Leah = protagonist. protagonists don't get to come back from death :P well that's what I am hoping anyway.
Diablo is the abbadon/cobra commander of the blizzard universe.
He will keep trying but never get anything done.
05/23/2012 07:52 AMPosted by Providence
3. adria didn't exist until diablo 3.

Whoa whoa whoa how did no one correct this so far?

Adria is a named NPC in Diablo 1. She's even explicitly called a witch.

But your point is fairly accurate. It's not too hard to simply steal old characters from previous games and write new stories about them, especially when the stories that had been written to this point were pretty sparse.
The entire story was pretty weak, and much of the dialogue was purposefully campy, a lot more tongue and cheek than Diablo II was.

Diablo II's intro, the whole dark wanderer motif, Baal's deception revealed at the conclusion, all was done way more artfully than this threequal. The dialogue in Diablo II was superb comparatively.

Cain's death was handled decently with the Act I ending, but the big surprise of the story - Adria's betrayal - was handled too casually. She was serving Diablo, her dark lord, the entire breadth of the series, and all we get is some canned muahahaha speech.

Games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age are setting the bar, and Blizzard needs to up its writing and directing majorly.

I'd like the idea of Leah's soul returning in the expansion, perhaps during a final hunt of Adria.
I was sad about Leah, and left bewildered that she was just gone. Even moreso than that though, what the heck is up with Tyrael becoming wisdom all of a sudden, and as a mortal no less. That's the only thing that really makes me groan. It just seems so contrived. He was so rad as an angel; I wish he would go back to looking and being the way he was in Diablo 2. What is he supposed to be doing up there as a human. It's so out of place and I hate it :(

Also, I think it would have been better for him to be an angel again. It would show that there is hope for the angels and humans to coexist. This way the only message I get is pretty much either the angels go, or the humans do. They can't live side-by-side because Tyrael can't be a companion to the heroes as an angel. The only angel that has serious issues with humans is Imperius (ignoring Malthaeus, who just has issues with everything), so I dunno why Tyrael has to be a mortal. Makes it less special. I get it took Tyrael being a mortal to see why the heroes can keep their hope when the angels lose faith, but I think now that he knows that, he should get turned into an archangel again with that wisdom.
Honestly the expansion (and we know there will be one), will probably be Adria finding the black sole stone and i bet anything Imperius becomes the new enemy since he hates humans so much. Even more so since he lost his wings. And some how, Leah will be worked into the mix. Because i felt she was worked up to be too strong a character to just end it now.
1. The prophecy tells of Death striking down Fate. Etc, etc. We know the predictions on this.

2. Only Cain knew the prophecy, writing it down in his book. Thus, Leah is the only one who knows the prophecy now.

For us to face the Archangel of Death, we need Leah to give us the rest of the prophecy. Therefore, we'll be saving Leah and killing Adria in Expansion 1. Then she'll direct us to Expansion 2, with the Archangel of Death.
I agree wholeheartedly. When I played the first time through I was astonished at the abrupt ending. I was almost confused...is that it? It was only when the ending credits rolled that I realized I had just beat the game on Normal mode. I felt cheated, like the writers had decided they had run out of time and had to get the game to market. Leah was developed nicely throughout the game and was a strong character. She was so easily dismissed at the end, kind of tossed aside as it were. I'd like to see Bliz rectify this in some way in the future. That and fix the crappy crafting mechanics, LOL. Oh, and while I am wishing for things, how about venders who carry worthwhile items?
Leah is as dead as the Dark Wanderer.

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