Battletag scavenging and RealID

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There's a little "exploit" on the forums, and possible other places with character data. When people edit their posts, you get their gamer tag.

I'm sifting through invites, confused at first as to why so many people have my main account's battletag. It's troublesome, mostly because I have to sift through all these names to find people that I want to add.

Is there a way to solve this? Declining thusfar has been a chore, though hauntingly similar to Diablo 3's gameplay.

On a side note, will there be some kind of offline mode? Busy and Away simply don't work well. I play all 3 of Blizzard's games that share info across, and sometimes I simply want to block out people from one game and allow people on the other.

PLZ HELP NIGHTMARE BELIAL gets annoying after a while, but it isn't removal from friends list material. To some it might be, but realistically...we need this tool.
You can get anyone's BattleTag from the forums if they're posting with it. Just click their name for the dropdown and it shows it. I'm looking at mine right now before posting this.
Eeeeeven woooorse.
Not sure why so many random people would try and friend you.
I suspected someone else of passing out my tag, which makes sense, but the first few that I added without knowing better found me via the forum.

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