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I hope I am posting this in the correct thread, if not, please forgive me for that. I rarely post on the forums.

I noticed that after I upgraded to my collector's edition of Diablo, that I am missing several of the in-game items (the wings, dyes, and SC2 icons). Oddly enough, when I make a character on the EU server they already have those items in their inventory. Has anyone else by chance had this issue?

If anyone has any advice on this issue, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
If you made a character with a normal account, then later upgrade it with the CE, the already made characters cannot receive the added perks.

You have to make a new character. Same thing happened to me. :/
Make a new character you don't intend to keep, put their CE items in the stash (since it's shared across the account), and pull them out on the character(s) missing them. Repeat for any additional characters you already had when you upgraded.

It's a little tedious, but it works. I deleted the level 1 after.
Oh really? Well darn. :( Just got to level 22. lol. Well, time to start over again then. Thanks for the help!
@TheCheat: Great idea! Didn't think of that. Will try that then. :) Just hope they can fix the icon issues as well.

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