Enchantress Hexing Me instead of enemies

Bug Report
So I'm on my second run through playing nightmare difficulty and am using the enchantress during Act I, and while I was adventuring she kept targeting me with the Hex spell instead of my enemies. In addition the Hex spell has multiple times turned me into a chicken for some strange reason. This is really devastating I almost died twice because of this and it needs some fixing.
I would like to ditto that. It just happened to me for the first time, so I assumed it was a bug, since it says the spell would only hex "nearby enemies". For me (in the same act/difficulty), she actually hexed both of us at the same time.

She just did it to me again on nightmare act IIduring an encounter in the sewers. I had just encounterd a frozen nightmarish elite and she polymorphed around me (with no enemies nearby mind you) and hexed me and herself; we were then frozen by the elite mobs and I almost died but I used a potion. I would suggest fixing this bug and also making it so that she doesnt user her hex until someone strikes me in melee combat.
had this like 15 times now
Same thing happens to me, and in infernal mode... it's devastating!

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