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Demon Hunter
Between Multi w/ FaW and EA with either Ball Lightning or Frost Arrow I just can't stick with one. There's just one thing about each skill that I don't like that I eventually get tired off after using it for a while and switch to something else.

Ball Lightning - The slowness of the travel time gets to me after a while. Not because it's hard to hit with it but because I play with a couple friends and sometimes by the time my balls actually get there (that sounds a bit dodgy..) the pack is already half-dead or more.

Frost Arrow - The way the AoE actually works bugs me. Essentially it's a cone that's centered on the first target you hit with it, so for it to be reliable the mobs have to be pretty tight together, which if they're not can make using this kind of lack luster.

Multishot - Probably the most reliable in terms of function. Wide cone + near instant travel time. The only thing that grates on me after a while is the hatred cost. Even runed with FaW after a while I miss the efficiency of EA's low cost.

Any thoughts?
Personally it depends on the area. ball lightning is awesome in long lines/hallways.

i rotate from ball lightning to rapid fire with acid glyph for more spread groups. I hardly use frost arrow since lightning bolts and screaming skull provide better aoe cc. I almost always stick with entangling shot/justice is served/bounty hunter.

Either way, lightning bolts is like ball except faster with a smaller aoe. So if you have issues with things dying too fast then it's great. Same with rapid fire/high velocity and EA/screaming skull.

Nothing except good Chak density can drop the same constant aoe damage to a large spread of mobs like EA with ball lightning though.

Impale with overpen and a hatred regen spec can also do very well if you need fast shots.

Multishot can work but I find the hatred cost is too high for group play in nightmare+ unless you have others doing serious CC/snares for you. Things don't die fast enough and I miss having 10+ lightning balls floating through mobs hitting things many many times per ball.
I have the same issue. I think I am going to stick with multi FaW for co-op and ball lightening for solo.
Bola does both AoE and single-target effectively.

Ditch elemental, get a bow, get archery, Get a "4th" ability.
ball lightning sucks in hell... everything moves way too fast
I feel the exact same way, try impale with the penetration. I feel offers decent damage for a line aoe.

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