Monk roles at level 60.

As I leveled up my monk I saw my barb friends dps start to outdo mine slowly, and now even with multiple build setups to even get close to matching his damage I have to sacrifice most of my defense stats or abilities.

Are monks bottlenecked into only being support in inferno? Or is it possible to match the other classes in general damage?
You're doing something extremely wrong if a Barb is out damaging you and SURVIVING in hell/inferno.

They're probably in the worst place right now in hell/inferno regarding damage and survivability.
Im actually in hell at 54 right now. My buddy just does ridiculous damage compared to me, or any other barb ive seen. And his gear is comparable to mine. Its not as bad as it was end of nightmare. But hes getting 13+k crits on auto attacks with fury stacks or whatnot and im popping my damage aura and buffs to get about 10k on an ability.
I'm just worried that in inferno I will be forced to play support to be worth anything.
I've been in inferno for a while now. The thing is that we need our defensive abilities to survive. If u play other then solo you die if you dont have insane gear. Monk doesnt rly have a "support" specc, just the specc that makes us survive the best. That gives the other party members the time to nuke. If u go pure damage you are gonna die, period. We are essential in fair setups because of our really nice tank capabilites and we do fair damage meanwhile.
I'm in Nightmare and I'm starting to see the DPS spectrum between melee and ranged. I know I have more survivability than a wizard; however when I'm a level ahead of the Wizard and she's critting for almost 2k with the meteor (I know hard hitting spell) and I'm critting for about 850....I'm cry inside.

But then I come to realization that I can heal/aoe heal, and become immune to spells/melee attacks.

But I think they can toon the dmg up a tiny bit.
Matt, I think the real problem is that you are a baddie.
I'm level 45 and crit over 2,5k and I don't think that's bad. We aren't about numbers but quantity of strikes. We might not have fancy escape moves to help us survive but we do have mantras,passives and active skills for healing and dodge. Mantra of evasion has a rune that boosts our dodge AND armor that helps quite a bit. Pure dps is getting us nowhere.
Having just finished Hell and delving into Inferno.. It is all about getting upfront and tanking at this point until you get way better gear. DH/Wizard/WD? Havent played with a WD so cant speculate.. are designed to be more sustained with damage because they can afford to be with range. As melee we generally have to build tanky.. I go Vit >Dex > Everything else.

That being said, I can go into any boss in Hell, and most packs of elites in hell solo or in multiplayer games, and tank throughout the entire fight almost exclusively ignoring mechanics if I wanted to due to my self healing + Large HP pool outwithstanding everything.

Build the Fear effect on your breath. The extra blind duration. Heal (or duration) during serenity Mantra of Healing iwth the Shield proc, the first attack of your choice.. and I choose the spirit ally water to help with spirit gen but thats personal preference as well.

Basically you can dive in on a pack, pop the blind (while spamming mantra for heals) then pop your Serenity, and right as serenity is about to fall you pop Breath to fear. Have the mage come in and Frost nova. and you can effectively lock down most elite packs. Once your abilities are on cd though, it should be your casters/ranged job to kite them. THen jump back in when you have all your abilities and repeat this through hell/inferno.
can someone tell me their set up for monk? cuz for some reason im lv41 and only have 518 dmg and barely hitting mobs like 1.2k compare to my friend who are mage who have like 1k+ dmg at same lvl and lower

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