How to tell when Bow + Quiver > 2x Crossbow?

Demon Hunter
I just find it silly that when dual wielding single hand xbows we get a speed increase at all. It doesn't make sense the way the character fires them. He lowers each arm inbetwren firing each single hand xbow. How is that faster?!! It's stupid.

I'd rather just enjoy their already higher attach speed and fire them simultaneously. It should be a passive, or choice, to trade the 15% bump from dual wielding to actually firing both hand xbows at the same time.

It makes zero sense to fire dual wielded hand xbows the way the demon hunter does. In most cases it would balance out on dps if fired simultaneously, unless you have two of the best legendary lvl60 hand xbows. Let's face it though, that would be so near impossible to accomplish it would just add to our never ending chase for loot anyways. Plus, a good quiver+2 hand bow would then have the same attack speed.

The craziest part about all of it is, then our stupid statistics would make sense again and we wouldn't be basing things off our undocumented ingame perception of "other things happening faster".
In all honestly i think it depends on your build to say what weapon is better, because different builds gain different benefits from different builds.

For example,
2x 1H Crossbow provides faster atk speed = more frequent and faster shooting = more efficient hate generation with hate generator skills like grenades or the entangling = more benefit for builds that uses those skills

while cross bows and bows provide lower atk speed with higher damage, so they benefit builds with high passive hate regen with in-frequent but hard hitter builds more than 2x 1H crossbows

Also note the archery passive is different for all weap types

For bows its a flat 15% damage increase, which is really good if you look at all of the DH's other passives. I personally use a bow with archery and cull the weak with the Bat and other hate generating gear for a frost arrow build

For 2H crossbows its a 50% crit dmg increase, which can be beast if you are going for the 100% increased crit damage impale build and syncs very well with Sharpshooter (which is a otherwise a rather lack luster passive because a flat 100% crit chance increase is only a 50% damage boost for us, and this skill is much worse than a guarantee crit passive) because of the much slower firing rate for impale (and even better on boss fights where you only get to hit every once in a while where you will benefit a lot from Sharpshooter)

And for 1H crossbows a flat 10% crit chance (which is horrible imo since we only crit for 50% increased damage. Other passives like cull the weak and steady aim can easily out weigh this passive)

So in all honesty, what weapon is better really depends on what build you are going for. Just do the math to find out.
Given I have a quiver equipped already, would more atk speed bonus on a 2h bow/xbow be better than damage or damage is better?
Attack speed and damage both effect your DPS. Plug em in and see which you lke. Damage will add more to your DPS because of your dex, the only thing attack speed has going for it is more shots=more chances to crit. This could be huge if you built your character for crit hits, otherwise its kinda useless if you are trading more attack speed for lowered dps.
This could be huge if you built your character for crit hits

Sorry I'm new to Diablo (I think it's obvious :P) But when people say "build" your character that means the result of all your glyphs, passive skills, and whether you prefer vitality/crit/etc..?

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