Inna's Glory monk set pants bug

Bug Report
I just found the item Inna's Glory on inferno mode, part of the Inna's Majesty set. All of the bonuses except one seem to function. The attack speed bonus seems to be bugged and does not apply on the character sheet nor does it seem to apply on my character. I'll link the game guide listing for the item below.
Hello Remmy,

I've got the same problem with this pants and another item : Asheara's Lock.

It seems that the IAS bonus on pants/boots on some items is bugged.

Can a blue answer or give us some hint here?

Thanks !
I'm having the same problem. Posted just to get this thread a little more attention.
In connection to another thread, the bug seem to this.

If the item says "increaseD" it works, "increaseS" does not. FML.
i dont get how blizz is messing with us with increased attack speed and attack speed increased.
like wtf. ;aoishgoa;isdghoa
i spent like a mil gold i just farmed today on a pair of innas i feel ripped. fix this bilzz
Apparently if it says attack speed increase"S" and not increase"D" it does not apply.. I assume "increased" was attached to items to give the perk and increases was a typo that ended up being used by accident and has zero value
Well, I certainly do expect them to fix this, because just like Park671, I farmed and bought them, but if I don't get the bonus AS they just seem poinltess...
Luckily, the ones I found had two sockets so they are still decent, but the attack speed would make them amazing, which is what I assume set items are supposed to be.
Yup, it seems that it's only a matter of intern scripting with "Increases attack speed by X" which doesn't work at all.

I have sent a support request on it and they forward it to their Q/A team.

Hope they will fix it soon......
you can't search for pants with move speed and attack, and the attack speed does not work as well

spend 700k gold but there is a dps decrease instead of increase... fix this pls
yup they aint workin properly
I spent 3 million today on 2 items that don't work.

Yes, this needs to be fixed. I'm pretty disgruntled about it.
Guys, if you actually read these forums you'll find that there is already a post here:

Which has a blue response on the attack speed issue:

"Posted by Vasadan Thanks guys. The attack speed affix on legendary items is going to be fixed in a future patch."
Metavex, there is no mention on set piece items and blues etc. Only Legendary items as if that's their only concern.

This problem is affecting HUNDREDS maybe thousands of items.
dang, wish i saw these threads before buying =( lol
hoping for a quick fix
Same here man, 3 million down the drain.
I can't believe this was reported at least a week ago and they have yet to fix it. As a software dev, this seems like one of those find/replace one line of code in a couple places to fix it kind of bugs. I spent all the money I made farming on these pants. Beyond frustrated that they are bugged.
All these downtimes for the game since this was first reported and still no fix. Please fix this
So the devs can hotfix skills overnight, but they cannot even edit something as simple as this?
05/31/2012 10:47 PMPosted by Ariscia
So the devs can hotfix skills overnight, but they cannot even edit something as simple as this?

Changing a couple skill numbers is likely to be way easier than adjusting the damage calculation.

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