Haunt damage

Witch Doctor
So I was useing the haunt spell and its cool but when I put the rune in that made it heal me it seems like it wasn't doing damage. So my question is will the haunt that heals you still do as much damage as the unruned haunt
If you use haunt, use the 3rd rune that makes it only last 2 seconds. It does half the bases % in 2 seconds instead of the 12 it is without this rune.

It nets better damage, especially when kiting and the heal and mana regen rune on Haunt doesn't return enough to sacrifice the damage you get off the resentful spirit rune.
That's good to know, thanks.
The Consuming Spirit Haunt still does damage - i.e. 575% of weapon damage over 12 seconds.

At level 52, without Soul Harvest buff, mine ticks for around 750/sec (non crit) and heals for around 200/sec per target.
Ya but if you use the rune where it heals you does it still do 575% over 12 seconds

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