Shock Pulse vs Electrocute?

pros and cons of each?

I'm still unlocking runes for them but I really cant tell right now which is better

the main difference i've seen so far is Power vs Reliability

shock pulse hits for more but doesn't always do what you want it to do.
Electrocute is generally better until you get Piercing Orb and Living Lightning for Shock Pulse. Those are both great runes and make the skill fairly good.

Also, always keep in mind that even though the weapon damage coefficient is lower, Electrocute has a faster cast speed by default to make up for it.
I'm not sure about the faster cast... to my knowledge they all run off weapon speed, but I haven't checked for SPEED coefficients yet I suppose.

Personally I find shock pulse better early on, but it requires you to be a lot closer.

I tend to prefer using magic missile as primary and using my secondary for my multi-target focus, but my current build mostly relies on low-cost abilities that I can cast virtually non-stop
I actually have a question about electrocute that would be a dealbreaker in terms of usefulness:

Using the Passive "Prodigy" and the rune "Chain lightning" on electrocute, do you proc 24 Arcane Power per cast assuming you hit all 6 enemies, or do you only get 4 arcane power for casting the spell?

Basically my question is whether Prodigy gives AP every time you cast the spell, or every time you hit a separate enemy?
Imo, the best primary is split magic misile. I'm still using it to solo butcher on inferno difficulty.

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