Demonhunter Build (inferno)

Demon Hunter
so this is how i have soloen a1 on inferno difficulty (havent bothered to try a2 yet)
but here's my build:!eYT!cccZac
the reason for this build is, Sharpshooter gives u crit, and your autoattack makes a small AoE explosion, on all ur crits! and therefor crit is good with hungering arrow!
Nether tentacles is a high dmg aoe spell imo, there i can 2 shot 75% of the creeps in a1 inferno with it anyways, so i dont rly use it for the 3% life steal
the reason u dont want to use it for the life steal, or that u shouldent even use vitality, is because u get oneshot in inferno anyways! so stack dmg, to kill creeps!
right now i do 37-38k dmg (with sharpshooter loaded)
Smoke screen is just to be able to do some dmg without being killed! the rune on this skill is preferable though.

Rain of Vengeance, if for the blue/yellow/purple or act bosses! if used properly it will stunlock ur enemy. the time of this stun isnt very long, but i do 45k crit, and im able to take diablo on Hell 1/4 down, within one rain of veangeance (though u need the rune in my build to stunlock)

AoE on mobs u also have multi-shot, it does a high load of dmg and with fire at will u can throw it many times in a row!

Vault is also a very good spell, with a preferable rune! i prefer either Cinder trail or Rattling roll, but that is just me! i dont think Tumble is all that good, when i have smoke screen!

if you think this build is good/bad, please let me know! (as said i can solo diablo on hell, and i have soloed a1 inferno and soon going on to a2)
Mind posting your stats and items so that we can reference? thanks!

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