interesting monk mechanics


im not sure if anyone else figured this out or even if its a big deal so if its already been out here on the forums tell me nicely and ill crawl back to my cave.

Monk's primary spirit generaters occur in 3 attacks

now whats interesting is that you can mix and match these spirit generators within these 3 attacks.

example with above set of skills.

2 left clicks with deadly reach and a 3rd right click w/ crippling wave will perform the first two animations and attack effects of deadly reach, and end with the large aoe of the "final" crippling wave.

so instead of spamming through these spirit generators... perhaps there can be some sort of intelligent combination that may be be using these mechanics.

another example:!!ZZ

while doing the 2 left click and 1 right click, you would theoretically keep your dodge and apply the debuff that crippling wave supplys.

anyways id thought id share this find with you guys (:
If you pick out any of my comments from the last couple days this has been what I've been doing to go through Hell...


Seems to be the best straight primary combo I can find, especially if you are coupling it with 'on hit' affixes like + life or status effects. Essentially it gives you TC's rush in and speed, 7 hits off WotHF followed but CW's movement, attack, and if you select the rune for it damage control as well as it's AoE.

It's also worth noting that if you place another skill in the middle of the combo it restarts it.



This inserts in EP before you start throwing out the real damage of the combo, coupled with Flesh is weak and a high crit chance this seems to be the best way to ensure that EP causes explosive damage more often.

Another good combo is:


Using Dashing strike to replace FoT will place you let you travel to any enemy and put you behind them for the combo, unlike FoT:TC 'teleport' which only moves you a short distance to an enemy as long as there is nothing between them and you. Replacing FoT with DS leaves you with a slower combo start though.

It's worth noting that using these combos with sufficient amounts of + life on hit gives you a fantastic damage/life engine...

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