A couple of questions for fellow monks.

I know there aren't technically tanks and healers in this game, but I would like to know what a good strategy is to help keep my glass cannon friend alive. Should I use Mantra of Evasion or Mantra of Healing? Right now I have breath of heaven equipped, but since she's ranged, she's usually not right next to me. Do you guys keep one eye on your ranged friends' health and run to em for a heal when they need it? Or, should I tell her to stand next to me in fights and I should spam it every chance I get.

Any other tips advice to be a more effective team of 2 player would be much appreciated. She's a demon hunter if that affects your advice at all.
If she's going to build glass cannon, she needs to play like one.

That means avoid taking damage at all costs, not relying on someone else to keep her alive.

That said, MoH:BoP is a very strong party sustain ability, but only if she has the spacial awareness to stay within forty yards of you.
I would agree. MoH:Boon is going to be the best way to boost your friends HP by 15% everytime you pop the shield and give her a bonus heal on top of that.

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