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What we know so far:

- NOT a heat related issue. [Personally confirmed, along with countless others.]

- NOT only Nvidia. [Personally confirmed, along with countless others.]

- Seems to be very popular in the factory overclocked cards, perhaps the ones that aren't factory OC'd are user OC'd? Please include this when you report the issue.

- Resolution is NOT a factor. [Personally confirmed, along with countless others.]

- Lowering the FPS cap seems to help, but not fix the issue. [Personally confirmed, along with countless others.]

- DON'T try rolling back/Formatting your PC to fix this issue, it won't help. Save yourself the headache.


Me specifically:

Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ Superclocked.
Win 7, 64 bit
8GB ram
Phenom II X4 940 black
Same issue, drivers crashing. Using latest version, have tried others.

On an interesting note:

This happens to be for ONE other game and only one other game, and under a specific set of circumstances. That game: WoW. BUT only when I am quad boxing (playing 4 toons at once) and not nearly as bad as it is in D3. I have confirmed there the same results as here, not a heat driver issue.

So, this is a very wide spread and long running issue. I used to think it was on Nvidia, when trying to diagnose it with other WoW multiboxers. But now that it is occuring in D3 for people with other cards, looks like this one is on blizzard.


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A blue post from another thread:
Hey all!

We (Blizzard and Nvidia) are looking into this issue, and we'd like to get some heat numbers from you so that the engineers will have a clearer picture of how things are breaking down. To check where your heat levels are at when the blackscreen occurs, please follow the below instructions. Once you have the number, please reply to this thread with the following info:

Operating System -
Video Card Model -
Driver Version -
Max Video Card Temperature -


Heat Monitoring Instructions

1. Download and install any Hardware monitoring program such as CPUID’s Hardware Monitor:
2. Startup up the Hardware Monitoring program.
3. Expand the section you want to see (Video card in this case).
4. Start Diablo III in Windowed mode, and move the windows so you can see the Video card temperature while Diablo III is the active window.
5. While playing Diablo III pay close attention to the temperature of the video card.
6. Write down the max video card temperature.

Alternative: If your computer only blackscreens in Fullscreen mode, just start up the monitoring program before you begin playing, and after the blackscreen occurs alt-tab back to the monitoring program and check the maximum video card heat level.

**Note** Each video card has a different temperature threshold, and where one video card may black screen at 80c, another may black screen at 100c.

After you get the needed data, try switching on Vsync and dropping your "Foreground FPS" to 40 in the options menu. It doesn't work for everyone, but it may help some while the engineers work on the issue.


Again, it is pretty clear to me and numerous others that temperature is NOT a factor here. My car tops out at 55 degrees, that's well within its operating range.
Win 7 64 bit
Nvidia GTS 230
latest driver update

worked fine for me for the first few days D3 was out, I was even impressed at how well my graphics could run D3 on high settings, however, a few days ago I started getting black screens like everyone else, at first intermittently then really often to the point where the game becomes unplayable.

Checked temperature settings and confirmed this is not the issue, my gfx card runs at 65 degrees which is also within its operating range.

Tried the workaround by lowering settings to the point that combat looked worse than D2, fps was around 50, all other settings either low or off, and still black screened after 10 minutes.

Hard to believe that a few days ago I could play for 6-8 hours straight and now can hardly play for 10 minutes.
So glad I'm not the only one having this issue

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
nvidia geforce 8800 GTX
Latest drivers
8GB ram
C2Q proc Q6700 @ 2.66
Just got the game yesterday. Everything runs perfectly fine, just crashes randomly.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
nvidia geforce gts 250 512mb
Latest nvidia drivers
4GB ram
Intel core 2 duo e7400 @ 2.8ghz

Edit: To the person below me that's exactly whats happening to me.

Edit2: Switched to windowed and am able to play without any crashing.
Are we talking about the crash that requires a hard reset of computer? Sound loop stutters, followed by a black screen, and the entire computer is froze? Just want to make sure I'm in the right place. I've posted on this issue as well several times since release day.
Win 7 64-bit
GeForce GTX 260M
Intel Core 2 Duo P8700(2.53GHz)
296.10 Drivers

I didn't have the problem at first, but now it occurs every time I start playing a game 1 or 2 minutes in. It does it about 2-3 times, then it stops and I can play like normal.
There was a new Nvidia driver released yesterday. Anyone having any luck with it? Installing now.
My Wife's Diablo III is having the same issue as many others have been having; it will play fine for awhile, but it pauses for 5-10 seconds and then goes black, and finally goes back into the game. Often, when it comes back into the game, the mouse pointer is missing, and she has to Alt-Tab back to the desktop and back into the game to get the mouse pointer back. Tonight while playing, it was stalling like this at least once a minute, whereas the other night it only stalled twice over the course of 2 hours of play. Finally, tonight, the game hard locked and the PC had to be hard reset to get it working again.

She is using Windows 7(64-Bit), 6 GIG DDR RAM, a 2.6ghz Dual-Core processor with a brand new AMD 5670 1Gig DDR3 video card, with the latest 12.4 drivers. The card literally is brand new and was installed the same day Diablo III was. The sad thing is, I am running the EXACT same card, and I have no issues with the pausing whatsoever; it runs fine on my PC, but has issues on my wife's.

I have not tried turning on V-Sync on on her PC as of yet, but Foreground FPS has been reduced all the way to 20 fps and it has had no effect. She also does not have any issues running anything else on her PC; only D3 is causing the issue.

Update: I disabled VSync and put the game into Fullscreen Windowed mode, as has been suggested in the long thread about this issue. The game locked up as soon as the first creature appeared on the screen, not more than 20 seconds into the game. After 20 seconds or so it went to a black screen than finally back into the game. I continued playing, and about a minute later it locked up for a good 30 seconds, then came back into the game and immediately locked up a third time. Finally it returned to the game, and I was dead.

As this happened within 20 seconds of me entering the game, I do not think this is an Overheating issue. It seemed to occur more inside the Cathedral, and now it is occurring a great deal inside the area filled with spiders in Act 1. It occurs in outside areas, but far less frequently.
05/23/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Helvete
Are we talking about the crash that requires a hard reset of computer? Sound loop stutters, followed by a black screen, and the entire computer is froze? Just want to make sure I'm in the right place. I've posted on this issue as well several times since release day.

This is what I have experienced.

Windows 7
Intel Core i5-2430M 2.4 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 3000
4 GB DDR3 Memory
640 GB HD
Something else that may be useful for those that are using hwmonitor to check their tempratures, also add your voltages for +12, +5, +3.3, cpucore and vin0. They won't be perfect, and HWmonitor isn't great but it may pinpoint issues for some.
Win7 64, Nvidia 9600 GT. Does not get past 52° C (125° F).

Drivers: tried 296.1 and the beta 301.x.

Game freezes with corruped, pixelated gfx after 5-15 minutes, screen goes black, some times the monitor looses signal as well. Only cold, hard-reset unfreezes the box.
Win 7 64-bit
GeForce GTX 260M
Intel Core 2 Duo P8700(2.53GHz)
296.10 Drivers

I didn't have the problem at first, but now it occurs every time I start playing a game 1 or 2 minutes in. It does it about 2-3 times, then it stops and I can play like normal.

same specs, same problem sans playing like normal. blackscreens varies from time intervals of 30 seconds to 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

You would think this would have been addressed already.
I have two computers that both have the 9600gt graphics card, one with a conroe cpu, the other a wolfdale.
The conroe computer totally crashes at certain points in the game. For example, at the end of Act IV, we needed to use a different account to get the character past the last few strretches to the final boss because the computer would crash every time. Not temperature related. Tried many different settings, problem still exists. Audio still plays however.
The wolfdale computer has its screen go black for several seconds every 3-20 minutes. Audio still plays while screen is out.
My other two computers run a 560 ti and gtx 260, neither of which have had either problem described above.

Judging by the reports from gamers on this forum, this problem appears to be very common among video cards with nvidia's G92 gpu. That includes 9X00 series cards, the GTS 250, and some 8800 cards, and perhaps more that are like them.

Hopefully Blizzard will be able to come out with a patch that comments out graphics code that is making requests to these gpus that they cannot handle, or whatever is necessary to fix this problem.
Are u even serious in making this game Blizzard? i got error 3007 (i have done all the stuff u mention still i got error 3007, i wont doing the dmz thing, it is so ridiculous) and when i did not get error 3007, your other error keeps striking me, now even a black screen appearing now, only sometimes this game can run smooth which is only 5min, what a perfect game, i bought new laptop for diablo 3 and i got this? my laptop is ASUS G75V with nvidia GeForce GTX 670M, 3gb, are u saying this vga card is not sufficient? nice
My computer isn't the best but it should be able to run this game. Unfortunatly my computer is crashing, just shutting off and I have no idea why. I updated the drivers last night and still nothing worked. I hope this is resolved soon!
I do not and never had the black screen problem, but I did have poor performance issues (low FPS and 5-15 FPS during battles) on my NVIDIA card. But I did make a change that fixed my problems, and maybe this can be useful to someone here.

Win7 64-bit Home Premium
1GB 9800 GT
Phenom II x4 965

I did a clean install of my OS and used the stock drivers (NVIDIA from 5/14/2009) and everything runs smoothly. I'm afraid to update my video card drivers, but it runs D3 perfectly and that's all I'm concerned about :)
bah this is so stupid

got the same issue on a nvidea 9500GT

running the game now on 20 fps with all settings on low and still have the problem

spending money for a product like thats is ....... tssssss

stop ignoring us and fix this asap plz

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