Black Screen (Driver Crash) discussion cont.

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mine is fixed gforce 9500gt

download Rivatuner and lower the clockspeed of the card
changed mine from 700 to 600 and now i can run without a max fps and b4 i had constant driver crashes

found a topic on this forum but i cant find it back :/

hope tis helps u out

yesterday when i fired up diablo i had troubles again .....
seems that the rivatuner doesnt save the onderclocking but when did it again,
ran smooth like silk ........

i know this aint a sollution but now i can play without getting the blackscreens all the time

I'd really like to enjoy the game I paid for without wondering if my computer is slowly killing itself with every black screen + cold boot
Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Video Card Model - 3x EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked
Driver Version - 301.42
Max Video Card Temperature - 33C

I get a display driver crash when I try to change areas, or if I die and try to revive. I have tried changing all sorts of AA settings in inspector, 2x2 SGSSAA doesn't even work, so I moved down to 4xMSAA, but it still crashes.

Tried using SLI Compatibility bits 0x02500005, but still crashed.

I have no issues in any other games.
OS : Win7 32-bit
GC : ATI Radeon HD Series 4850

I'm having that problem for some few days, at first i thought its an overheat or something, but i tracked my graphic card by using MSI Afterburner and no overheat occurred.

Sticky please, Blizzard we need a solution asap!
Wish they wouldn't have put a limit on the original thread, I guess if it got up to a 1,000 plus posts it would look bad. There was patch this AM, I wonder if it fixed it. My wife has this issue but on my TV computer that is the EXACT SAME MACHINE but running Windows 8 instead of 7 there isn't an issue. My wife doesn't want to install Windows 8 though and will just wait for Blizz to fix.
I have this issue and my GPU is always nice and cool - the "heat monitoring" advice posted by Blizzard above is silly. I hope they are just stalling - because otherwise they are completely clueless.

This has nothing to do with heat, or hardware, or drivers. It's just a game that was released without being properly tested. Suckers.

Same problem.

NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 260M; 1GB, newest driver.
Bump, haven't been able to find a response on this yet. Anyone got a fix?
Had this problem, too. Done the following:

- VSync on
- Fore-/Background fps max. 59
- Windowmode 1600x900 (native 1920x1080)

ATI HD5850
Win7 SP1 64bit

Played nearly 100 hrs now and not one crash ever since...
Asus G75VW

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
I7-3610QM CPU
Nvidia Geforce GTX 670m + 3gb

Recently crashing 2 patches ago, no FPS or issues prior to that at max gfx settings.
Windows 7 Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT
Have the same problem with 301.42 Nvidia Driver

NO PROBLEM WITH 296.10 Driver
I just had this problem just then!
2 week old computer
spent 7499 on the thing

I7 3770k 4.5 - 5ghz
2 x GTX 690
16 gb ram at 2133 MHZ

everything was on ultra had verticle sink off sitting on 130 FPS then bam zoned back into stormwind and black screen couldnt do a thing! had to sadly reset my computer....
has all intercooling all the temperatures are fine
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40 GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti
301.42 Drivers have tryed with the 1 older version no change
not heat related.

Crashing in World of Warcraft - World of Tank - League Of Legends - Diablo 3

what can the issue be ?
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
8GB Ram
IntelCore i5 2500K
Nividia Gefore 8800 GT (301.42 Drivers)
Gigabyte - GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 (After update: GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 F12)

My issues startet after i updatet my BIOS yesterday, uptill then i have had no black screen or crash issues at all. (Only while playing D3) other games work like a charm.

After reading loads of post's i cant help to wonder if the issue is a mainboard issue (from gameside ofc..) Its really acting as if the game is getting the MB to shut down the GPU slot for a second or two cause my screen is acting like its loosing the signal for a tiny bit and then resumes..

Really hope this will get fixed asap cause its almost impossible to farm anything...
I can play for a few hours or a few seconds but this will happen. Screen goes black and power button goes orange like it has no signal and the sound on diablo 3 loops but itunes will stop after the current song finishes. At this point it's frozen; no keyboard response or mouse and the power button can't be pushed once to shut the comp down. Only thing I can do is hold the power button and reboot. This only happened once in a while, say 1-3 times in a a day. Now it happens within 2-3 mins of me getting into the actual game. Ive never had a problem in the AH. I know its not heat it's only at 45C when in Diablo 3 and i have the latest drivers. I played Skyrim at 60C for an hour to test that. Please help.
Windows Vista 64-bit
Intel 2500K @ 4.5 ghz
AMD 6970 Catalyst 12.6
8 Gigs DDR3 1600
800W Gigabyte Odin PSU
Gigabyte- GA-P67A-UD4-B3 mobo
HDD 120G mushkin SSD
1.2T Raid0 WD (2x 640Gb)
It's seems that moving shadows from high to anything lower helps a bit and the checking the low fx button helps even more than that.
Game crashed today. Had to completely shutdown the PC for a few seconds.

OS: Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium
Phenom II X6 1055T
Radeon HD 6800 Series Not Overclocked!!!
Driver version: 8.801.0.0 (Catalyst vers. 10.12)

Win 7 64bit home premium
16 gb DDR3
Asus GTX 570
have tried multiple driver versions

haven't played D3 in a while, but this has been ongoing for over a month in WoW. Right about the time they introduced cross realm zones. I have installed win7 and WoW onto separate SSDs from what I was playing on, left driver at original version. No problems for a while and back to crashing. Extremely frustrating. Im pretty sure it has to do with something on blizzards end, though I could be wrong. Have reseated GPU, have rolled back GPU driver, installed various versions and nothing fixes it. Seems completely random as to when it crashes. Usually more so later in the day, but could be coincidence.

Please tell me someone has found a fix or solution...

Someone mentioned a BIOS update had apparently fixed it, I might try that next... however I hate doing them, so if someone else has found a better solution let me know please
Just lost a hardcore character to this...-_-

Windows 7 (64bit) Home Premium
NVIDIA 8800GT x2 (latest drivers installed and not OC)

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