Framerate drop/slow gameplay after new patch

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Anyone else having performance issues after the most recent patch from NVIDIA 05/22? I have a GTX 460, which should be more than enough power to run D3, runs so slow and choppy. almost like lag, but my net never lags(tested again with BF3).

Hardwired GB Ethernet
Phenom II X4 3.6
8GB ram
Corsair 750watt PS
im having the same issue, i have the same graphics card. D3 ran great until this patch, i got onto starcraft 2 and wow which i run at full settings, both of which run perfectly getting nearly 70 fps.

I tried redownloading, reconfiguring graphics setup, did a system deep scan then turned off according to my FPS in diablo it varies from about 70 to 200+ in an instant so fast i can't read it. but the game seems to be playing a third as fast if not slower.

I wish i had a solution for you, but im searching for one myself...
Same problem here! Pre-patch D3 was liquid smooth and since patch, it runs like molasses!
Weird, I started having the same problem after the patch on 5/29 with the same card, (The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460)
I am having the same issue and I have a GeForce GTX 570M. I have turned down/off all the video settings and still sitting at 8FPS. Latency is 140msec. Everything was working fine before the patch that I downloaded today.

Specific issues is player moves/responds slowly. I see everyone else on the screen move just as slowly when I play with other people. Speech seem fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Same for me, I'm running the game on a macbook pro i7 with a GeForce 330M.
Same issue. I rolled back the latest Nvidia Drivers to the original set I had when operating Diablo 3 with no issues, but it still lags significantly after the patch. Also completed a deep system scan, completed TuneUp, closed background processes, etc., to no avail.

The game is largely unplayable after the latest D3 patch an the issue clearly needs to be addressed.
I thought it was just my machine, but like all the posters above my framerate started to 'stutter' since the latest patch. I am using nVidia 560 GTX Ti with 301.42 drivers.
the newest patch doesn't fix anything... lol, D3 is obviously STILL A BETA PRODUCT... but now, they got our money already...
Not sure if its just because I have two 680s, but I noticed very little difference. I think it has something to do with handling requests server side and it is not our computer having the issues.
I am having the same problem. I know my hardware is not the best for the game, but it was running well enough before the patch. Now it is running in complete slow motion on low settings. I have an HP pavillion entertainment pc with AMD Turion II processor, 4 GB memory, AMD M880g Radeon HD 4200 video card.
This is getting ridiculous. Please fix. I am having the same issue. Game was running fine, now is nearly unplayable even with resolution dropped.

Its not the machines or the drivers, this is a Blizzard problem.
exactly the same problems with i believe the same cards but just wanted to add my name to the list once the list gets long enough we're gonna have to get some recognition and blizzard may be able to work something out. if it's not broken don't fix it and you've just outright killed a bunch of playerbase
Class Action lawsuit anyone?

There are some issues with the 301.42 and 301.34 drivers. Disabling vsync in the Nvidia control panel, returning your factory overclocked cards to their reference clock settings or even rolling back to driver 296.10 has been said to fix some of these issues. Nvidia is going to release another driver within the next week or two, and it's supposed to fix many of the issues people are having with this (and other) games.
Yep. I have the Asus g73. 8g of ram. I7, and gtx 560x 2g VRAM. And when I see any bad guy frame rate goes into the fetal position and gives up. Glad I'm not alone. I'm about to reformat anyway.
Just bought game...with this patch its unplayable...better get a
Glad I'm not the only one. I'm running the following: -

I5 - 2500K @ 3.30 GHz
Windows 7 (All updated)
GeForce 550Ti 1GB RAM (192bit) - Updated Drivers

Played D3 in the Beta and it ran fine, since the latest patch its been choppy/laggy. Tried various different tweaks and fixes that have been suggested to no avail. Graphics card fan goes from running at around 30% up to 60%+ when playing D3. Graphics card is brand new also.
I have the following configuration:

E8200 Core2Duo
8 GB Ram
NVidia GTX 460

I have the latest Nvidia drivers 301.42. Before the patch the game run excellent. Now it lags even in menus. It is absolutely unplayable. Do you have any solution?
05/26/2012 12:30 AMPosted by Casethan
I tried redownloading, reconfiguring graphics setup, did a system deep scan then turned off according to my FPS in diablo it varies from about 70 to 200+ in an instant so fast i can't read it. but the game seems to be playing a third as fast if not slower.

70FPS is slow? I think diablo 3 spawns new threads for each skill/monster/player/etc. So the dips in FPS are related to creating a new CPU proccess in response to something new in the game. Just a theory. Probably need a high clock CPU to keep up with all the thread spawning.

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