Framerate drop/slow gameplay after new patch

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Same here. The game is unplayable after new patch, everything is in slow motion. :S
I uninstalled the following windows updates and the problem was fixed (I don't know which of these was the cause of the issue):

They are all .NET Framework 4 updates

Nvidia sure is poking !@#... god 2 collossal companies are just failing so hard -_- over a month since release and something as gamebreaking as this still not addressed is absolutely ridiculous
Same issue. My FPS has dropped to 13-15 fps all the time since last patch. I think my hardware is more than enough to run D3. Really annoying and upset.

Here's what I'm running D3 on:

i7-2760QM @2.40 GHz
240 GB Intel Solid-State Drive 520
Nvidia NVS 4200M(updated 4/27/2012)
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 w/h SP1
i am not havimg this problem cause i dont like nvidia cards only use amd or ati cards . i would try the omega drivers for this problem or role back to your old ones
Ok...First my account gets hacked and I lose everything and have to have everything (almost everything) restored.
Now the game is unplayable with a frame rate of around 8fps. What the hell Blizzard?! It has run fine for over a month, you release a patch and wham it is Unplayable. It also coincides with the damn online auction house. Which is THE reason everyone's account is now under 24/7 hack attack.
Intel I7 Quad core
Nvidia 460 GTX
32gb of Ram
Game installed on a SSD

I have a character I have run up to level 30 with no slowness the game is just taking up space. Guess i will go back to Path of know the TRUE Diablo successor.
I just installed the patch and it moves slow and choppy, tried to play like this but it´s too hard, my system fulfills all the requirements without a problem it´s this stupid patch! we´re stuck with it!
It's mid October and they're updating the game again... Does anyone have the same problem that they were experiencing last May? I'm not sure what it could be, some conflict with Nvidia cards or server issues? but it's starting to get to me. Seems pretty universal in Diablo community. Is this low frame rate and poor connection happening in any other of Blizzard's games?
When I bought this laptop from Best Buy their resident computer lord asked me what tasks i would need my new computer to perform. I handed him the OPTIMUM system requirements for Diablo 3 and told him i wanted this game to run as smoothly as possible, that's the Optimum requirements not bare minimum. To my delight there was actually a laptop with specs that beat out the optimum requirements on sale so I got it, waited for D3 to come out, installed it, and it's been running smooth as butter ever since. Until the latest patch/expansion came out. Now it is absolutely unplayable. I HAVE BETTER THAN THE OPTIMUM REQUIREMENTS AND MY GAME RUNS AT AN UNPLAYABLE CRAWL. Do they test anything before they release it? Or are we paying them to let us be beta testers. The sad thing is even if they do bother to fix this issue nothing will be done to compensate us for however many days they spent in direct violation of the contract they have with each and every one of us who purchased a copy, we provide them with the price they have set and they provide us with a copy of a game that functions in all of the ways they led us to believe, game speed being one of them as prior to release they posted game-play videos that all ran 100% faster than the game runs today. Whoever suggested class action law suit I agree completely. I'll get the ball rolling by researching possible lawyers who have succeeded in similar endeavors, lets all hope that it doesn't come down to a lawsuit as I don't think either side would want that to happen. Please start living up to your end of the established contract blizzard!
I'm sorry but you can't sue Blizzard because you bought a crappy laptop from bestfreakingbuy because some employee who doesn't know anything about computers said it would be good.

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