Forced Skills

I thought the goal for Diablo 3 was to have all these skills and they would all be viable.

But it feels like there are several skills/runes/passives that you just can NOT live without.

Astral Presense, Blur - you almost MUST have them. Even with Blur and 32k health AND Force Armor I die in seconds to late Act III Hell white minions, let alone champ/elite packs. This is solo play, but it's actually worse when a buddy joins the game.

And I would love to use Glass Cannon, but it's just a really bad idea in general. Mobs are way to fast even when under a blizzard.

Diamon Form with Crystal Skin. Who ISN'T using this? You have to! It may as well not even have other runes - even with the double absorb boost it still never lasts the full duration, so the rune that extends the duration is a joke.

Is anyone in late Hell (let alone Inferno, which I haven't unlocked yet) finding uses for stuff like Energy Twister or Frost Beam? Or is anyone successfully playing the Wizard without one of the skills/passives I didn't mention?
Astral Presence is not a must if your build is not AP heavy or you itemize around signature spells/arcane power on crit to regenerate ap.

I personally don't use blur in inferno because it's crap. 20% melee? aren't supposed to get hit by melee, and there's a whole lot of damage coming from range and magic as well.

In fact I use glass cannon, because 15% dps more is a lot, while energy armor makes up for the 10% armor loss. I think it's still worth it.

The only skill I would have to agree with you that seems to be on every wizard's skillbar is Diamond Skin with Crystal Shell. However I have seen a rare few number of wizards in inferno run with mirror image instead, so I guess Diamond Skin is not an absolute necessity. I may in fact drop it as well for MI if I get my hp and resists pumped up.

I'm currently halfway through act 3 inferno, so feel free to correct me if you disagree.

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