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Oh is there some hacking issue going on?

Is that why I can't access my account anymore. It just locks up every time I reset my password saying some nonsense of altered login patterns and suspicious activity.

I have no authenticator and I am not going to get one either. My computer is 100% safe. There are no trojans or malware on any of my systems.

My Diablo3 character is a level 18 wizard who just got his first yellow item and a whole whooping 10k gold. I have no other games attached to the account. I have no friends added in game, I have never talked to any other player on game or
I have never accessed a public game and I have logged in a total of 3 or 4 times since I bought the new game and created my account after a whim, good Diablo 1 memories and a successfull marketing campaign from Blizzard.

These above are all facts. In conclusion there is nothing to steal on my account and there is no way to steal my account from MY end. Thus I conclude that there is something wrong with and/or Diablo3.

After submitting a ticket I get a cut and paste answer saying how to protect my computer. On a very basic level none the less.

Does anyone have any real info pertaining this? Will it end soon? My weekend is getting severely spoiled, back to the mill soon without getting past level 18. =/
05/26/2012 07:17 AMPosted by Vahva
Is that why I can't access my account anymore. It just locks up every time I reset my password saying some nonsense of altered login patterns and suspicious activity.

I have the very same problem, there seem to be more and more people having that issue in the last couple of minutes. My personal guess is a problem with the authentication server.
This is a d@mn joke. By the time i get off work this thread will probably be locked and or deleted.... I see that is about the norm around here. Cut and paste answers, lying to the customers and not admitting fault. Changing over to an HMO business model now are we Blizz?
I've been hacked too, just my gold and gems gone. Equipment is fine.
I was playing the game when Blizzard's lack of security allowed someone else to log in from a different location while I was still online and boot me off. After that I changed my password via the website and got back on and just the gold from my bank was gone. I have a feeling they were planning on taking more because my character had been moved to a different location but I got back on pretty quickly.
This is ridiculous. There are so many reports of uninvited friends and some even mention the same ones. Most of which are mentioned as being barely equipped and waiting in a game alone.

A lot of this makes no sense. There really seems to be something wrong with the system in some way.
I find it really crazy that I have to get an authenticator, that of which I didn't even know existed until today, to be sure of my account security.
I'd like proof that there hasn't been a single authenticated account that has lost their gear and gold randomly.
Okay I got a good answer to ticket nr2. I can now login to the game again. :)

<3 Saebryme

- Thanks for getting in touch with us about this. We're currently having an issue with one of our security systems being a little overly sensitive and that is what is causing the constant password resets for you. I've disabled the system briefly for you now and sent you a password reset email (sorry, but it really is part of the fix!), once you complete that you should be able to log in without any issues.I'm happy to hear that you're so up to date with your computer security!I hope this resolves your issue and wish you a great day. :)

Best wishes, Saebryme Game Master Blizzard Europe "
I havnt turned on my computer at all last 4 days (playing Dragon's Dogma on PS3, damn fun game.) Get an email last night from blizz saying something about account locked in title(saw email via my phone). Didnt open or touch email but go and get in Diablo 3 today. Had to reset pw and such do to suspicous activity (hence why they locked it), and low and behold my main is naked no items, gold in stash or on person. Got a new friend (never played a public match plus havnt been on to do so), but my a auction house stash was untouch.

My system is secure and no virus, etc. My computer has been turned off so I know the hack wasnt some virus or something from my system. It came from outside source direct through So yea blizz needs to check their end a bit more, hell even free to play asian games are more secure then Diablo 3.
I had Anti virus and Maleware poppups the whole time i downloaded the Digital Copy while using Peer to Peer DL, are you guys on Digital copy or DVD? Possibly virus in peer to peer content?
05/26/2012 09:42 AMPosted by Stabzu
I had Anti virus and Maleware poppups the whole time i downloaded the Digital Copy while using Peer to Peer DL, are you guys on Digital copy or DVD? Possibly virus in peer to peer content?

I have a physical copy of the game. So yea problems are coming through it self. Thats what it looks like at least for me.
If joining a public game or some other interaction IN GAME is causing the hacks, then getting an authenticator is nothing more than ignoring the problem. So blizzard makes even more money from their screw ups? No, I'm sorry, you fix the problem, you don't FORCE your customer to do something else.

It's like of like buying a new car that leaks oil.

"Can you fix the oil leak"
"No, but you can just buy oil to top it off every time it needs it"
"but isn't it your responsibility to fix this?"
"nah, not when you can just put oil in it and be ok"
I wonder if Blizzards servers are protected by authenticators? :)
Just lost every item on my level 30ish monk except for one. My stash has been cleared out of 40k gold and 90% of my items. Can't even explain how mad I am. I'm offline for one !@#$ing hour and everything is suddenly gone.
It is quite obvious that the problem lies IN GAME. This is clearly on BLIZZARDS END. Only a moron would continue to ignore the blatant evidence and continue to push an authenticator to fix the problem.

There is a LEAK or an EXPLOIT through the social or friends system that is being used to access these accounts. It will take someone losing equivalent real money on the AH and bringing a suit against blizzard before this gets cured. Let's request a sticky for this thread before they lock or delete it.

Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to forward this and other threads like it to places like penny arcade and other gaming media sites. Maybe blizzard will have to do something if enough yelling and bad press goes on...
---bump--- Would like to keep this going as an open dialog of things associated with the account problems...
I got hacked today and I thought I was fairly secure. I"ve never entered my info any where other than to log in to the website or the game. No one has been in my email account and my password was still the same when I logged into diablo this afternoon. sasdfasr was on the list as recent played with so it seems that user is associated with the hacker. I've never played a public game but I have used the auction house. I went through with the account recovery and added an authenticator. But I've continued playing and leveled up another character and I think I'm going to lose all my progress if I want to get my items back.

What I lost was all gold, my stash and everything on my highest level character
I have a few questions for the people who believe that this is a flaw with Blizzard and their security team.

1. Have you ever used your email address with anything other than signing up for

If you answered YES to this, I have news for you! Some sites will sell your email address to 3rd parties! I know, shocking right? You'd be surprised what people can do with a list of email addresses and a simple script that will dictionary attack them for passwords.

2. Are you using a reliable web based service like gmail or a secure work/personal email system?

Here is where I would like to explain what a MITM attack is, but yeah. If you're still using hotmail, I have almost no sympathy for you.

3. Did any of you, at the time of your hacking, have an authenticator?

If you answered NO, then yeah, that is an issue. The Authenticator *can* be worked around, but most of these hackers don't have the knowledge or ability to get around it.
This is sort of the last line of defence, and it is FREE as an app(iPhone and Droid), and I think it's like $5 from the blizzard store with free shipping.

To all of you saying "Well, I use Steam, Origin, PSN, ebay, Amazon all the time! How come they aren't targeted and taking my actual money?"
A few reasons.
* Different security protocols.
* accounts are actively targeted.
* Video game account theft is an old and very well practised "profession"

The business of selling gold is huge, this is not a new phenomenon. A lot of players are not WoW players, so this is all news to them. Those of us who have been around the traps for the past 15-20 years know exactly going on.

TL;DR: Get a new email address, don't use hotmail, get an authenticator, use a non-dictionary password, use a different email for signing up for random Korean F2P mmo's and other things more unmentionable here on the internet.
The Authenticator App for both Droid and iPhone, is free. They are not making any money off people getting an authenticator.
05/25/2012 01:10 PMPosted by Alex
Get an authentificator.

Trying to be smart? We already know we need authentificator.

then people should get one and stop whining. Don't want to get hacked? get an authenticator
Got hacked, All my gold was missing, all my items except for the belt I was wearing, for whatever reason, all of my stash except for Gems, Pages of Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting, and account bound items, of course. Also I was in Act 3 for whatever reason.

Never joined a public game. Never used the auction house.

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