Act 2 Cinematics Bug

Bug Report
Hopefully this will make sense: After completing act 2 with a group (killing Belial), I quit the game before the cinematics started because I still wanted to do something in Act 2. When I logged in again I was in act 3, skipping the end cinematics for act 2. I thought I could just go to the cinematics section and see them there but they aren't there. So I figured that I might be able to see it if I beat act 2 again, so I did and no cinematics. Same for nightmare and hell. So currently I have no way of seeing the cinematics that come after Belials death, right before act 3. Is there some trick I need to do in order to be able to see them? Or is this even able to be fixed? Thank you!
I created a new character yesterday, and he has now progressed beyond Act 2. So this time I made sure I didn't skip it and now I have it in the cinematics as well. It's resolved for me now but I think it's still something to be aware of I think. Thanks.

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