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So I just tried to post an item on the AH, but I received an error message saying "action timed out".

This would normally be fine, but the item is now gone from my stash! So now it's not on the AH, and its not in the stash ... where did it go?
+1 here, spent 20k gold, no item no gold....
I just tried to bid on a 1h for a monk, nice freakin weapon I might add for a lvl 30. I had almost 8k gold and the min bid allowed was 6515 or something in that neighborhood. I placed my bid and was returned an error that the amount of gold placed for the bid was not high enough, however It still took my gold from the account. WTF? Comon blizz, common errors like this should have been worked out before release. The release date got pushed and pushed and pushed, because the game was not done..... I would think you guys would have had plenty of time to hash out something like this.

Not expecting a refund, as it wont take about 10 min to replace the gold lost during the failed transaction. Its the point that matters.
Hi guys,

I have an order ID no 100916626 for which the same issue as previously described (see above post by me) repeated.

In this instance, the buyout timed out, after which I bid again, and I got the "item is no longer available, Refreshing the auction page shows that the item is sold, and not to me. No deduction is reflected in my account at the time.

Logging out and logging in again 2 hours late, my gold balance is reduced by the amount of the auction - item is shown in completed - and auction house. However, the completed tab refuses to allow me to send the item to stash as the button is no longer on.

May I suggest that you go to ebay and ask very nicely for the logic behind the listings. Better yet, hire ebay to manage the system - and get out of the ebay some portion of the 15% that they can monetise in the RMAH.....let them create a social network around the items, battle tags etc....
Use the auction house with caution and I would avoid using the real money auction house entirely when it opens. After much correspondece with Blizzard support I finally got what I was looking for, this is from their terms of use section 15 #ii "BLIZZARD EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY (Under ii: (ii) THAT ANY AUCTION HOUSE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE;)" Basically if the auction house errors out, times out, or has a bug/glitch, blizzard will not be held responsible for ANY re-imbursements. Saying that about gold or items in a game is one thing, but saying that about real money transactions is something entirely different. Just imagine if Paypal had such a disclaimer, they would loose all their customers overnight.For more information about this see my bug report post at

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