IZUAL not dropping plans for Herding Staff.

Items and Crafting
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by far..hardest to get...
Luck post in luck thread for extra luckiness.

Getting really frustrated with this drop.
Sweet lord! Lucky thread is for REAL!

First run right after my post and it dropped!
Also: My boss just called and gave me a raise. My car doesn't require fuel anymore and I'm pretty sure I now have the ability to move objects with my mind.

Thank you, Lucky Thread!
lady luck, be kind to me.
When I first started this run to find the ingredients for the staff, I succeeded right away. Sweet little Izual dropped the plan on my 1st try, not counting the times when I levelled up :P
luck posting
im need some luck im so sick of doing these runs

i am a little freaked out because ive been working on this for like 2 day and when i posted for luck i got it the very next time?! i about !@#$ my pants!
Got the plans on normal difficulty with 100% MF
can the barbarian get the plans:staf of herding from the boss?
Posting for some damn luck. This is ridiculous
homg, i've tried everything!

no MF, with MF, different wizard build to speed things along, diff characters...

this post is my last hope...
frustrating... does MF even do anything for this?
Posting for luck and the sanity in the brain back again :-) - I want your gooodies Izual
Posting for luck, tried for 5hrs+....
Posting for luck. 135+ tries. Im desperate now
Posting for luck....
lucky thread plz be lucky
2nd post for luck...? been at this for a week.
Posting for luck!!!

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