Life on Hit

Jumping onto the bandwagon, what are the magic numbers this time? I assume ok-ish resists and armor is a given so as not to die to 1-hit here too.

what aspd? how much LoH? will it be viable A3/4 inferno? any particular skillsets to use?

tell me everything with the new fad before i farm and throw money at my screen
No, see that's it. You need the same ridiculous amount of resist and armor and vitality as before... THEN you add the regen and +life on hit in to make it work.

Hopefully they'll decide to fix % life steal soon and we'll be able to use that, too.

This was always how the game was gonna be... only the herpaderp FOTMers thought otherwise. It's how D1 and D2 were, and while D3 is a different game, many of the mechanics are the same.

It Diablo. It's ALL about the gear. Skill and builds only go so far, then you need stupid, ridiculously rare, fabulously expensive and hard to get gear.

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