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I'm right at the end of Act I and so far, the only gold items that have dropped have been from bosses. I went back and re-fought a boss to see if she would drop anymore gold items, but only two blue items dropped.

I know gold items can be crafted with the right recipes, but can they not be farmed form bosses after the initial fight? Or are the odds just significantly decreased? It would be disappointing if they just stop dropping entirely after the initial boss fight(s), since the original drops weren't specific to my class and only 1 of 4 is actually useful to me.
you know... now that you mention it...
I re-ran a few bosses in act 1 also and only came up with blues...
But I did get 3 golds in about 5 minutes on trash
it was weird
3 shields back to back to back
mind you i was killing trash in an area i've never been before
Bosses always drop rares the first time you beat 'em. Less of a chance after that.
Yeah, my buddy just mentioned he got a gold item from a rare mob as well, so they're not boss-only drops (which was my concern) I've just been unlucky!

But if the answer to my problem is: play more Diablo III and kill more baddies, then I can't complain!
I pulled a rare (gold/yellow) from an armor rack in the beta. Check everything!
In Diablo its not about killing bosses constantly its about exploring.

Everything has the chance to drop even a legendary (i've had one of a common minion kill)

Just enjoy the game and it will come naturally.
grey did you skipped chapters..cause i am like you i skipped chapter 5 and now my rare items drop are only from bosses and are pretty low in lvl..and mobs does not even drop them when i am already at act 2 chapter 7
SOme guys in my game were playing it for the first time. Dropped all their rares on the floor.
Ended up with 5 in one run of skelly
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In Diablo its not about killing bosses constantly its about exploring.
Mephisto and Pindleskin would like to have a word with you.
by the end of act 3 you get rare items all over the place
I've gotten a yellow or two off of trash. Just hit act 3 before I logged off. Been leveling my blacksmith as well, and I can craft several yellow items. Don't focus on bosses if your aim is to collect good items.

Craft them and go for champion packs. Hit the bosses as you can. But really, just level up. They all get replaced.
First time you kill a boss you will get the " best " stuff. Anytime after that it becomes another game of chance just like everything else, except of course your chances are higher.

Seems like Bosses are meant to give the good stuff, be it at random. Whereas everything else is run off a pure randomness algorithm.

I've gotten a unique bow inside a treasure chest. Some rares on regular champion spawn and more off bosses. Seems to be rather random and all over the place for me. Sometimes a boss just drops blues.
i love finding stuff thats the addiction hook that D1 and D2 had on me. so pleased to see MF gear is still around :)
I might be wrong.. I think I remember back somewhere, someone said that I think the dev's will do a few things to try and encourage people to go thru the entire acts.. So help keep people from skipping entire contents.. So if you skip alot of bosses, maybe your magic find goes down 50% or something.. That would be awesome :)
I pulled the Nagelring out of a pile of skulls on my first trip through the Royal Crypts. After finishing Act IV Normal, it's still the only legendary I've seen. Moral of the story: don't rely solely on bosses for loot.
I got a yellow dagger from flipping a corpse.
Bosses actually aren't where the best items from from.

Champion and Rare random monsters are. Bosses your first kill drop Rare items, after lower chance. Also remember to add more MF (Magic Find) gear to increase it.
got one gold item so far. Yay for getting an item that's for wizard when I'm a Witch Doctor :D
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In Diablo its not about killing bosses constantly its about exploring.
Mephisto and Pindleskin would like to have a word with you.


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