WD was definitely underrated in Beta

Witch Doctor
So... I rolled a Witch Doctor because of the darker theme of the character and the affinity for the undead that the class carries. I also chose the class, convinced that most of its damage came from DoTs and poisons (which, in groups would cause the WD to under-perform vs other classes), and also seeing that hardly any Beta players were actually posting good opinions on the class and that most casters that were playing in the Asian/EU servers were Wizards. I was totally convinced that the WD was most assuredly an underdog class.

But... after playing for a few hours...

The WD can most assuredly hold its own and easily out-dps other classes. As long as you time your Soul Harvest correctly and choose the right spells for the given situation, the WD will be the greatest dps asset to any group.

5x Soul Harvest + Plague of Toads or Zombie Charger = awesome dps. Just don't count on Zombie Dogs doing much of anything... much better if you consider them more of a meat shield than any viable form of dps. Big drawback for the dogs is the long cooldown between casts and it's not worth it to spec for the auto-spawn.

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