Oh art book how you troll us so

Demon Hunter
(talking about the male version of the Demon Hunter here) So yeah looking at the Demon hunter concepts in the art book and the class looks rediculously awesome with the sort of desert ranger inspired loose flowing armour and weilding not only bows and crossbows but swords and spears as well, but what we get in game is some skinny guy with tight fitting clothes that can use nothing but ranged weapons, I mean cmon I know the class is supposed to be primarily ranged but couldnt they give us some viable melee options like the dual blades we are teased with in the art book? The Amazon wasnt restricted only to the bow was she?

But yeah do any of those armour concepts actually make it into the game or are they just there to troll us with what could have been but isnt? Should I stick with Demon Hunter or should I roll a mage?
Look here and you get to see what the armors look like, some good some blah, my favorite is tier 14 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl_Erq1z3ts

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