BUG: Achievement Hotdogging not being awarded

Bug Report
I play a Witch Doctor and I was trying for the hotdogging achievement. I have not been able to get this achievement despite having 3 demon dogs summoned without having the demon dog active ability as one of my skills (in fact I also managed to get 4 demon dogs using a combination of passives and no manually summoned dogs which enabled me to get the Puppet Master achievement by having 4 dogs, follower, gargantua and the hex fetish).

Summary: Hotdogging not being awarded despite having 3 Demon dogs summoned via the passive while not having the active Demon dogs summon skill as one of my in use skills.

Screenshots to show: http://imgur.com/a/Pu1YD
I have had the same issue. I have also tried this achievement using sacrifice to resummon 3 dogs. When I managed to resummon 3 dogs, I also didn't receive credit. Have also tried the method described by Parto.
same here, didnt get credit, tried both with only circle of life from 0 to 3 or with sacrifice with zombie passive, please look at it

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